Monday, October 26, 2009

Metal Mix Info

so i take a lot of pride in the mixes i put together for my friends. i listen to a ton of relevant music and carefully pick out the songs that i feel are the best. once i get all of the songs together i spend some time working on the order, which is important. I try to always make sure the mix fits onto a regular 700mb disc so that people can listen to it either by cd, or as mp3's on an ipod or whatever.

This latest mix i put together is trying to showcase some of the smaller, lesser known metalcore bands. some of these bands aren't signed to a label yet, some haven't even put out a full-length album. A few of them i discovered because they were touring with other bands that i'm already listening to. Other bands i discovered through samplers from Indie Vision Music or Come and Live Records, and sought out their music to hear more. Still other bands are established, but still aren't getting the buzz that they might warrant.

This is in no way a mix representing the "Best of" metal right now, but more trying to find bands that my homies and I might be interested in. Some of the tracks have less-than-ideal sound quality, one track i ripped from myspace (I, The Breather) so hopefully opinions won't be made based on sound quality.

Anyway, here's the tracklist, and a few comments about each band. I'm no expert on these bands so if you read something thats wrong or should be tweaked please let me know.

1. Miss May I - Forgive and Forget: Rise Records. HT HM Magazine. Currently on tour with Attack! Attack! and Our Last Night.

2. Gwen Stacy - Profit Motive: Christian metalcore. Solid State Records.

3. Inlow - Stop Frog...: Christian metal. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music.

4. I Am Alpha & Omega - Demons Will Sleep: Scremo/Hardcore. Unsigned. HT Come and Live Records.

5. Attack! Attack! - Shred, White, and Blue: Rise Records. HT Jordan Hammond. Started off as a Christian band, then dumped the singer for a non-believer. Last week they dumped him too. who knows who's next.

6. Through Fallen Skies - Redemption: Christian metal. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music sampler

7. Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Southern Lovin': Suretone Records. HT Alan Baertschi. Denver based metalcore band, currently on tour with Blessthefall, Of Mice and Men

8. We Came As Romans - Conditions: Scremo/hardcore. Equal Vision Records. Currently playing shows with Oh Sleeper, Of Mice and Men, The Chariot...

9. Blessthefall - Witness: Fairly established metal band. Fearless Records. HT Tripp Fellows.

10. Corpus Christi - I Will Never Forget: Christian metalcore. Victory Records.

11. Oh, Sleeper - Commissioned By Kings: Christian metal. Solid State Records. New album this past summer Son Of The Morning.

12. Hope In The Unseen - Before The Sky Falls: Christian rock. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music sampler

13. All or Nothing - It's Only Blood: Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music sampler

14. Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - Just A Shock: Christian metal/rock band. Ferret Music.

15. To Speak Of Wolves - If We Don't, Who Will?: Scream/hardcore. Tragic Hero Records. Touring with Oh Sleeper, underOATH, and Emery.

16. Holding Onto Hope - Between Failure and Fraud: ministry christian hardcore/meat. Unsigned. HT Come & Live sampler.

17. Dead and Divine - Nothing Is Fair...: Rock/hardcore. Distort Inc. On tour with Oh Sleeper, The Chariot, and We Came As Romans

18. The Overseer - The Author: Christian metal. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music sampler

19. We Set Fire - Deliverance: Christian metal. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music sampler. based out of Sacramento/Elk Grove.

20. I, The Breather - Allspark: Christian metalcore. Unsigned. Working on their EP. The drummer filled in for Oh Sleeper on tour.

21. Dependency - Waves Of Mercy: Christian hardcore. Unsigned. HT Indie Vision Music, on Come and Live Records, a Christian missionary band who plays for free, more hardcore than metal.

22. Inhale/Exhale - Condemned: Christian metal band. Solid State Records. HT Alan Baertschi.

23. Sleeping Giant - Army Of The Chosen One: Christian hardcore band. Facedown Records. All about spreading the Gospel.

24. Megadeth - How The Story Ends: off their summer release Endgame

25. Stryper - 4 Leaf Clover: Currently on their reunion tour, they just released an album earlier this year called Murder By Pride.


Come & Live

-morgansleeper (drummer for I The Breather): "Dude that's a legit mix! Thanks for putting us on with all those other great bands! Appreciate it"