Friday, February 11, 2011

Life In Your Way reunited!!

So one of my favorite bands have decided to get back together, Life In Your Way is currently working on an album that they're going to release through Come & Live!

This is such good news that i decided to write a quick recap of the interesting way i became a Life In Your Way fan.

Back in 2007 i was slowly becoming a fan of heavier music than the punk/hardcore i was used to listening to. I discovered this band, Chasing Victory, that had a sound similar to Underoath and i was really into them. I went downtown to catch a Chasing Victory show at the Marquis Theater, i was flying solo. When i got in the venue it was nearly empty, maybe 50-100 kids at most. I didn't know any band on the lineup except Chasing Victory and they were playing 2nd to last. The band that was currently playing however, was solid, not amazing but clearly were good musicians.

The lead singer impressed me most, he was a big dude and full of confidence and conviction. I couldn't understand most of the lyrics but i liked the style, had some hardcore elements that i like (fast beats, simple effective breakdowns). But the moment i was hooked was when during a breakdown the guitarists starting singing "let it be a sweet, sweet sound, in Your ear." This song resonates to my early childhood as one of the first songs i ever learned, i remember singing it in little kids church. Anyway, i thought it was awesome how they band had incorporated that awesome song into a hardcore song, they did it very well. They said their name was Life In Your Way, and i was going to look them up when i got home.

I stayed for Chasing Victory, unfortunately because they were awful. I left after 3 songs. I got in my car and fired up the ipod and wouldn't you know, i had Life In Your Way on my ipod?! how did that happen!? A few days earlier a co-worker had given me a few albums that he thought i should check out, it was a lot of music and i hadn't got through most of it, but here was Life In Your Way. Of course i checked it out and was super impressed, love their melodic hardcore sound. Later i found out that a key member of Life In Your Way also played in With Honor which was another of my favorite bands at the time. crazy!

It was short-lived though, Life In Your Way broke up a few months later. The closest they had played to Denver again was Cheyenne, Wyoming, a show which i had planned on going to but a huge snow storm hit Colorado that day. They were playing with Means, another awesome band, and i called the venue like 10 times that day to make sure the bands made it safely, i wasn't driving through a snow storm to Wyoming to find out the bands couldn't make it. I never got confirmation so i wussed out. Had i known that Life In Your Way and Means would breakup in the next six months i obviously wouldn't have bailed on that show!

Life In Your Way is back, they're releasing an album through Come & Live! Records which means it will be free. Whether they will tour is still unknown, but i sure hope they do. Everyone should check these guys out!

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