Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show Recap: Stick to Your Guns / Close Your Eyes

The Stick Tight Tour came through Denver to the Marquis Theater featuring Terror, an iconic hardcore group thats been around for quite a long time. Supporting Terror were Stick To Your Guns, Trapped Under Ice, Close Your Eyes, and Your Demise.

Stick To Your Guns - This Is More breakdown

Your Demise opened the show with a solid set. The dudes are from England and have a good blend of melodic hardcore, mostly aggressive sounds with a few clean choruses thrown in. After that was Close Your Eyes, the Christian melodic hardcore punk group on the tour. The were definitely the odd band of the tour, not only because they have more of a punk sound and more melody, but also because they're outspoken Christians. They talked about their faith before playing their last song which was Song For The Broken. The crowd wasn't really into CYE but that didn't stop the band from being very energetic and confident. The crowd did get to the stage to help sing Song For the Broken "This is my worship, this is my life - to bring hope into this broken world!"

Close Your Eyes - Digging Graves

Close Your Eyes - new song

After that was Trapped Under Ice, a hardcore band from Baltimore that i have never really been into. i've seen them a few times and they definitely bring the energy and the crowd loves them, but they're just not my style. Stick To Your Guns was up next and they're always good. They sang most of their popular songs "Enough is Enough" and the singer talked about how seeing a girl he was friends with growing up, die from being hit by a drunk-driver. this incident pushed him to become straight-edge. During the song a serious fight broke out, and while the security was clearing everyone out, the band had to stop. The singer then talked about how hypocritical it is that straight-edge kids always seem to fight during that song. It was a good lesson, i wish kids would listen.

Stick to Your Guns - What Goes Around

Stick To Your Guns - Some Kind of Hope

We didn't stay long for Terror, but the place was packed and pumped up.