Monday, May 21, 2007

2 Great Albums You Aren't Listening To

so i could list 100 hardcore albums here, or a few good hip-hop/rap albums, a few christian worship albums and about 10 country albums here, but i'm going to tell you the two albums that i've constantly come back to in the last year or so.

Dave Barnes - Brother, Bring the Sun

Matt Wertz - TwentyThreePlaces

These two albums are amazing, seriously, please check them out. If you like John Mayer, Bebo Norman, Shawn McDonald, Jonah Werner, Damien Rice, Derek Webb, or Edwin McCain, you'll like these two albums!

Speaking of Edwin McCain, his album Messengers was a very close third. this album is timeless!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Do You Listen??

Everyone has a reason why they listen to the music that they do.

Not everyone has the passion for music as others do obviously, so maybe music is just background music to their lives or filler whereas some peoples' lives revolve around music.

Lately my friends have been asking me questions like "Why would you continue to put together compilations (Converting Atheists Into Believers) trying to convince people to listen to your style of music?"

I think i can explain it

There is so much music out there. So many artists that people don't know or have never heard of. Sometimes i fear that i'm missing out on a band that i would love. I didn't discover underOATH until about 2 years ago and i totally missed their prime, and that sucks.

When you see someone who is totally passionate about a certain genre of music, they've got a reason, whether its the music itself, the lyrics, the artists, maybe history, maybe liking that band represents something like religion, politics or something else. Most genres i can figure out ya know, like why someone just loves country, or rap. You might not like it, but you can see where someone else might.

That genre for me is the punk/hardcore music that i've been listening to since high school. its comforting to know that no matter what, putting in Good Riddance's Operation Phoenix or underOATH's Chasing Safety that i will enjoy the listening.

This style of music is just energizing. the shows are motivating and intimate. How often do you get to see your favorite band face to face?

I think other people would like aspects of this music too if they gave it a chance.

But still, the one genre i struggle with is this experimental/metal/hardcore stuff like Dillinger Escape Plan or even Zao . I just don't get it. And thats fine as long someone explains it to me someday...alan.

But it all comes back to those individuals that chose to listen to the radio over everything else. do you think that John Mayer is only artist doing that? no, check out Edwin McCain, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Bebo Norman ya know. Is James Blunt talented at all? What about Linkin Park or Puddle of Mud? These artists have huge paychecks and their music seems to lose the passion that got them to the status that they currently have. Another reason why i enjoy underground music.

These artists are trying to do their best so that they can get known. They have something to prove.

James Blunt has nothing to prove, he could put out a crappy record and still sell thousands of records.

I'm not saying those artists are bad on the radio, i'm just saying that there is more out there, you're missing out on some of the greatest artists ever because you haven't either opened up your mind or you're just lazy.

Find the music that makes you happy, in fact, listen to multiple genres, don't close yourself off to anything if you like it just because it isn't cool. Not only do i really enjoy country music, i'm also a big fan of Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Hollowtip, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, DC Talk and others (isaac can 2nd this).

Music makes me happy, spreading music makes me happy so check out the CAIB series and if there's any bands you like, hit me up, i'll give you all the info you can handle.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For All You Haters...

So i was reading an interview by with Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath and they asked him about the new record, The Sufferer and The Witness, being leaked 8 weeks early. His response is a great punk answer and it shows you that the bands really focus on getting people to the shows, haters take note.

"Your record leaked pretty early, any thoughts on that?

I think it leaked 8 weeks prior to its and for the most part no record goes to the release date without leaking anymore- it just happens. The only ones that don’t are records that no one gives a shit about anyway but when I first heard it happened - and it’s kind of like that day when you know it’s going to come eventually. The day it came it was like I remember talking to #2 from Anti-Flag and he said “Tim you know why it doesn’t matter that your record leaked? Because it’s such a fucking awesome record….”

I just want them to hear it. I was reading an interview with Ian MacKaye about downloading, and his quote was “I’d rather have 100 people hear my song than $100 in my pocket.”

That guy sets the bar right?

He totally sets the bar! And he’s right. Is it really worth that $100 in my pocket if 100 people didn’t hear the songs? I want people to hear this record- I think it’s an important record. Our songs are about way more than the schematics of record sales and marketing and all that bullshit. I want people to hear it, I want people to take the time to do all their internet nerd shit to actually find it. Check it out and come out and see us play.

But it goes to show you that even though it’s on the internet people are still going to pick it up. There are still people who want to own records who want the lyrics and everything and feel like supporting the band is important. I could’ve downloaded that new AFI album this morning pretty easily but I went out and bought it instead. I want the artwork, I want the lyrics, I want to see what crazy pictures there are of Davey in it now."

Here's the rest of the interview

Don't you find it interesting that the smaller bands, Rise Against for example, are outspoken about being okay with downloading their music? They understand that they're putting out a quality product and since its quality, you will hopefully pay for a ticket to the show, maybe even buy a shirt.

But the bigger bands, like Metallica for example, are outspoken against downloading saying how it hurts their bottom line.

James Hetfield, Metallica's lead singer, said, "There has to be someone who steps up and represents musicians." So recently, I joined Lars Ulrich, Metallica's drummer, in delivering to Napster the screen names of over 335,000 people who have pirated Metallica's music using Napster. We demanded that Napster prevent those people from copying any more of Metallica's works. Metallica was well aware that fans might not react well. "If this were a popularity contest," Ulrich said, "we might not have done this." [article]

Its not about the bottom line. Its about the music, and if artists can write one or two good songs and fill the rest of their album with crap filler songs and package it up and sell it to kids for $20 and feel like that's the right thing, they're wrong.

I feel like I'm test driving cars, I'm not gonna spend $20 on a band I've never listened to just to find out the album is crap. I'd rather download it for free, and if i think it's quality, I'll go to the show, I'll spread the music on compilations or through websites.

Maybe all this free downloading of music will force bands to actually start producing a quality product again, and stop ripping off the fans.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Comeback Kid on MTV2

okay, so i know i post a lot about Comeback Kid, well, it's because they are my favorite band.


That might change very soon.

All my life I've mulled over the label "sellout", and what bands actually deserve that. First it was Blink-182, then it was H2o going to MCA Records and so on. but as I've gotten older, and seen my former favorite band, AFI, go almost totally pop, I've tried to rethink the label.

Now you can vote for Comeback Kid on MTV2. This band, from Canada, played almost one of the smallest venues in Denver last year. No one really knows who they are except the kids in the hardcore scene, and Chris Deulen who accidentally bought their cd and hated it.

But anyway, apparently they're catching momentum and now have a big enough fan base to tour with Rise Against and play at Red Rocks. i don't get it.

i wish i was in a band so i could not make these decisions. i hope my good friends in Killing the Dream never get on MTV, though, i don't think that will be a problem unless they come out with MTV-Hardcore, but they won't.

Hardcore is totally a fad right now, hopefully it'll blow over, it seems like some of us are always running away from these genres as they pick up steam, i think I've run full circle now that Pennywise, Good Riddance and other punk bands have taken a backseat to Hardcore/Post-Hardcore bands.

but i digress, Comeback Kid on cable? lame. I'm seriously looking for a band to fill this void that CBK has left, maybe Life in Your Way or Sinking Ships. I just love seeing great bands in small venues, and now it seems that Comeback Kid won't be playing anywhere small again.

Is this really what Scott Wade would have wanted? What about the fans?