Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Comeback Kid on MTV2

okay, so i know i post a lot about Comeback Kid, well, it's because they are my favorite band.


That might change very soon.

All my life I've mulled over the label "sellout", and what bands actually deserve that. First it was Blink-182, then it was H2o going to MCA Records and so on. but as I've gotten older, and seen my former favorite band, AFI, go almost totally pop, I've tried to rethink the label.

Now you can vote for Comeback Kid on MTV2. This band, from Canada, played almost one of the smallest venues in Denver last year. No one really knows who they are except the kids in the hardcore scene, and Chris Deulen who accidentally bought their cd and hated it.

But anyway, apparently they're catching momentum and now have a big enough fan base to tour with Rise Against and play at Red Rocks. i don't get it.

i wish i was in a band so i could not make these decisions. i hope my good friends in Killing the Dream never get on MTV, though, i don't think that will be a problem unless they come out with MTV-Hardcore, but they won't.

Hardcore is totally a fad right now, hopefully it'll blow over, it seems like some of us are always running away from these genres as they pick up steam, i think I've run full circle now that Pennywise, Good Riddance and other punk bands have taken a backseat to Hardcore/Post-Hardcore bands.

but i digress, Comeback Kid on cable? lame. I'm seriously looking for a band to fill this void that CBK has left, maybe Life in Your Way or Sinking Ships. I just love seeing great bands in small venues, and now it seems that Comeback Kid won't be playing anywhere small again.

Is this really what Scott Wade would have wanted? What about the fans?

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eli said...

brian my man, i feel you here, but you gotta realize that it's just how it is. honestly, i hope cbk gets all the success they can...they certainly have worked hard enough and have definitely put out records good enough to get it. i know it's a bummer to see bands getting bigger sometimes, but think about's not like they are pulling an afi or h2o here, putting out crappy or mediocre pop records in an apparent effort to gain more widespread appeal (although this is debatable as well). i'd even go so far as to say that their new record is even LESS accessible than the previous two.

i know it's weird to see hardcore bands playing huge stages to 1000+ kids, but i really think you have to look at each individual situation differently.

honestly, if for whatever reason someone heard our new record and wanted to put us on tour with a band like rise against and put us on mtv2 and stuff, and we didn't have to change the music we were playing, i don't think we'd say no. maybe that's not punk rock, but i don't's just the truth.