Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Riddance R.I.P.!!

So one of my alltime favorite punk bands called it quits today. Truly a loss to the punk scene as one of the last good skate/political old school punk bands is no more.

Good Riddance became big on Fat Wreck Chords just as i was really getting into punk back in high school, my old band Guiltripp even covered one of their songs...actually, we did quite a few of their songs.

I don't even know what to say, i really like these guys even though i don't truly stand in line with their strong political views, and their last few albums haven't really done much, but they had some classics like Ballads of the Revolution and Operation Phoenix.

If you have listened to any of my Converting Atheists Into Believers compilations you will be familiar with their songs, and if you don't know them, please check them out, they have a great sound, borderline pop-punk with an edge.

I think my best memory of this band was seeing them at Big Shots in Sacramento on the Fat Tour with No Use for a Name and Mad Caddies or something. Anyway, our whole crew was there and this dude pissed me off in the pit so i punched him. Well things got hecktic and the dude got kicked out. Russ was yelling at us to stop, and i was so short that no one saw me slink away unharmed. Good times!

Wish i could see them one more time

If you having withdrawls worse than me, Russ Rankin, lead singer, has another band Only Crime who has been touring a lot lately, and were on Warped Tour last year. Not quite Good Riddance, but close.

Thanks for the memories.

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Isaac Michael Mohamed Chase said...

I saw only crime with someone recently, i cant remember who they played with but they were pretty good. i dug them. RIP good riddance, good band, good friends, good times. wait, i wasnt friends with them? nevermind. LISTEN TO CAIB!!!!