Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I'm really excited about this. I found this site, www.fiql.com where you can upload a text file of your homemade playlists (itunes, winamp, wmp...). This site apparently only works when I'm at work but i brought 2 text files in today, uploaded them and BAM, it worked.

So now you guys have to check it out. This way you all can stay up to date with me Converting Atheists Into Believers compilations that are designed to combing already amazing music with new stuff so that people will understand the greatness of the Hardcore scene.

anyway, check this out and tell me if it works. FIQL: Converting Atheists Into Believers v.5

Side note, www.BMerCO.com is very close to being launched, there you'll have this blog, my sports blog, Isaac's blog and many more all located at one place. so that will be a good day.

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