Friday, April 27, 2007

Chasing Victory show Recap


First show I've ever walked out of during the set of the band i came to see.

Who records a hardcore sounding album and then plays the songs 2-3 bbm slower live? people weren't hardcore dancing in the crowd, they were swing dancing. I'm not lying. it was embarrassing.

i heard 5 songs and that was enough. no energy, just boring, and disappointing.

On top of that, Chasing Victory has a new cd coming out May 8th titled Chasing Victory describes the cd as STP-esque (as in Stone Temple Pilots). Who makes that album?

The last time i was let down by a band would have Faced in 2000 after their final and terrible release Pulling Teeth.

SILVER LINING: I got to the show as doors opened knowing that Chasing Victory was playing early in the set. the first band Life In Your Way, were playing and they blew me away. solid hardcore with some great choruses and positive message. My friend Jeremy had just given me a cd with a bunch of bands on it and apparently Life In Your Way was on it, therefore, it was on my ipod. so that was cool. i got to check them out on the way home!

anyway, Chasing Victory, terrible,

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Isaac Michael Mohamed Chase said...

"I thought, who would throw a tomato at a band? That's messed up. But then I thought, who would bring a tomato to a show? That's even worse"

you should have had a tomato with you.