Saturday, April 14, 2007

Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges 2007

So Haste the Day just released their 3rd album titled Pressure the Hinges, and man it rocks!!

I've slowly become a Haste fan, but its taken a lot of listening. These Christian rockers have a great mix of hardcore sound with screaming vocals and some melodic sing alongs, but this new record breaks the mold.

The first two albums, Burning Bridges '04 and When Everything Falls '05 were straightforward; one beat (fast), typical breakdowns, screamo singing with a sing along chorus. very predictable. good, but predictable.

Already on this new album, the first 2 actual tracks, Pressure the Hinges and Minor Prophets, they've changed speeds to a little slower rock beat, the screaming in much more quality sounding. It almost sounds like a new singer all together, wait, it is. Original singer, Jack Ryan got married in December and therefore quit the band. The new guy Stephen Keech is the former singer of New Day Awakening. I like both dudes, but this new is a good change of pace.

So far, the Oracle comes across as my first favorite song. Heavy breakdown early in the song and an actual guitar solo in the bridge. Also, this song is great to sing along with.

Servant Ties really sounds like the old Haste, chugga chug drum beat right off the bat and heavy singing. Great breakdown. The old schoolers should like this one.

In the end, this is 13 tracks of a new Haste the Day. i personally really like the new refined sound, great energy and positive lyrics. I hope everyone will give this record a chance, especially if you've listened to Haste the Day before and didn't like them. Lately a bands 3rd album has sucked (think Dead Poetic, Thrice, Underoath, Rise Against...) but these guys have put out what i will listen to the most.

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