Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bands You'll Never See Again

My latest creation.

i can't stop making playlists, i enjoy it too much, too bad only like 3 people ever listen to them (thanks Drew, Isaac and Alan).

Anyway, lately i've been telling Kassie how i can't listen to bands that have broken up. I feel like listening to music is in a way, studying the music for the show. why listen to a band that has already broken up? you'll never see 'em live so whats really the point.

It was never really a problem until Good Riddance broke up. i really like those guys and i was disappointed not being able to listen to them anymore.

This inspired me a make a compilation of bands/tracks that'd we'll never see live again because the bands have broken up. i think its a fun listen, and it was a blast to do since i got to listen to some older albums like Kid Dynamite and Vision.

Here's the Tracklist:
Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy
Reggie and the Full Effect - Girl Why'd You Run Away
Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Vision - Predictable
Good Riddance - Darkest Days
In My Eyes - For a Moment
Faded Grey - A Quiet Time of Desperation
Stay Gold - Just Below the Surface
the Distillers - Bullet and the Bullseye
Grey Area - Reminder
98 Mute - Slow Motion Riot
face to face - You've Done Nothing
One Man Army - One in the Same
Straight Faced - Conditioned
the Suicide Machines - No Face
Chances Are - More Than You Deserve
Blink 182 - Apple Shampoo
Fallenshort - Nothing Else Matters (Breathe)
Hidden in Plain View - Ashes Ashes
the Nerve Agents - Carpe Diem
Bane - Ante Up
Snapcase - Zombie Prescription
Champion - Next Year
Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids
the Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day
Bush - Everything Zen

Hope you check it out

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tiger Army/Street Dogs @ Ogden review

Last night i saw the Street Dogs and Tiger Army at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. First off, i love the Ogden, its one of my favorite venues, it was the first place i caught a show after i moved to Denver in 2000.

Anyway, the first band of the night was The Static Age. They suck. trust me.

On to the Street Dogs. I love these guys. For fans of Dropkick Murphys and bands the like, you should check these guys out. The Ogden was packed, i'm sure it finally soldout, and i had to be in the pit for the Dogs. It was pretty crazy, Mike McColgan (ex- leadman for the Murphys) came out in true Irish/Boston dress, a long black coat and a beret hat. He's looking pretty old these days, i hate to admit, but he's amazing. Starting with Without a Purpose, Without a Fight the crowd got pumped up. the Dogs blazed through all their hit songs from Strike a Blow, Back to the World, Defense of Dorchester, Tobe's Got A Drinking Problem and Fighter without many breaks. The Street Dogs are a Pro-Union band, anti-war and their songs hold nothing back. One might expect that with such strong views, their shows would turn into a soapbox but thats what makes Mike such a good front man. He makes his points without overstepping.

The crowd participation was great and Mike was climbing all over the place and encouraging the crowd to participate. He could have passed the mic a little more but maybe he has trouble bending over due to age. At one point, before Tobe's Got a Drinking Problem, Mike gave the pit a beer shower, which then caused everyone with a beer to pour into the pit, suffice to say i didn't smell good when i got home. But no matter, the Dogs played for about 40 minutes, covering all songs they should have minus Common People and Mass Deception. They played a few slow ballad type songs to mix it up, all in all, i was very impressed and i'd see them again.

Now on to the headliner, Tiger Army. Let me say that if Isaac hadn't had invited me to this show i don't know if i would have gone. I like Tiger Army, and i've tried for years to really get into them but they never stick. I've seen them before and their shows are always great, they are very energetic and it doesn't hurt that the bass player plays a stand-up bass. Tonite was much the same, they always play ten times faster live, which is great for the people dancing but i think it takes away from the unique sound that is Tiger Army. Nick 13's voice is great but i had a hard time hearing it last night. Also, if you didn't know the songs last night, they might have all sounded the same since the drumbeat is the same 1950's rock/shuffle beat at the same speed for most songs.

On top of that, the new bass player is a tool. don't get me wrong, he was an amazing bass player, but his mic skills were terrible, he only said maybe three different phrases on the mic from "let me hear you Denver" to "is everyone having fun tonite". that got annoying. and he wore sunglasses for the whole set. and Tiger Army did the fake encore thing.

But they were good. And the crowd loved them. I'm surprised that they gotten such a huge following, i remember back in 2000 that nobody really liked them, they just knew that Nick 13 and Davey Havok were buddies. But this place last night went crazy, so that was nice to see. I didn't recognize all of the songs but i know that they played a lot of new songs from their third and fourth albums. Maybe Isaac can give us a set list.

All in all, a good night, it was fun to get out again. Good thing i didn't stay home and watch the Rockies.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Album Reviews

Okay, so i've been listening to a lot of new music as of late, and i thought i'd share my thoughts with you guys on these albums. There should be a little bit of everything here, from Kanye's new album, to David Crowder, to The Gallows.

First on the list is David Crowder's Remedy. 6/10 STARS

I love Crowder, he always brings a fresh approach to music, but this album just seems rushed. Theres no real flavor to the album, just 10 straight tracks, and after listening through the album a few times, no song really stands out as remarkable. His lyrics seem a little generic in comparison to his last two albums, Illuminate and A Collision. This isn't a bad album by any means, its just not special as you’ll see with tracks like Can You Feel It which sounds like Crowder himself is bored while singing it. Songs i do like are the Glory of it All, Surely We Can Change, and Remedy. The track featuring Ted Nugent is weak, it doesn't really flow well at all. This is a solid album, I think I just expected more flare from the Crowder crew.

Next up is Shane & Shane's Pages. 9/10 STARS

I'm a relatively 'young' Shane & Shane fan since i only started listening to them about 2 years ago. I guess this is important to note that since everyone else i talk to about these guys says that Psalm, their first album, is their best. I listened to that album and i thought it was alright. I think Clean was great, and this album is even better. I feel like they experimented with some new styles of writing here, referring to Satan/the Devil in songs like Embracing Accusation, a little more and bringing some controversy to the album. Songs like Holiday, Burn Us Up and We Love You Jesus are a step out of the mold of slow love songs that you usually find on a Shane & Shane album. But there are still great worship-style songs like Psalm 62 and Beg.

Crime in Stereo - Is Dead. 5/10 STARS

I really want to like these guys more, but they're kinda bland. Here are 11 new tracks, that, well just run together. everyone considers these guys in the hardcore scene but i think they're a lot more punk rock than hardcore. this album experiments with some new ideas and sounds, with a few slows ballad-type tracks, that are boring. I can't even pick out a favorite track since they all sorta sound the same.

Emery - I'm Only A Man. 7/10 STARS

I've been waiting for this album for a long time, and i was slightly disappointed now that I’ve heard it. I knew that The Question would be almost impossible to follow-up, most sophomore albums fall flat, and i think this one does a little. But on the bright side, it's still a great listen. I think Emery has a totally unique sound and only in contrast to their last album, does this one fall a little short. Otherwise i would totally recommend checking this one out. Songs i like are Party On and Can't Stop the Killer. The great thing about Emery is their lyrics. Always dramatic and if you take time to read what their singing, you can easily feel the pain and emotion of the writer, great storytelling. This album is a good amount more focused on singing and less of the heavy feel of The Question.

Kanye West - Graduation. 9/10 STARS

Oh man! now here is an album i've been recommending to everyone. This album is so good. Usually with Rap albums there are a few singles, and a bunch of crap to fill in the spaces. not the case here at all. every time i listen to this album i think the song i'm currently listening to is my favorite song, that is until the next track starts. only two weak tracks, Barry Bonds and Drunk and Hot Girls. otherwise, Flashing Lights is hypnotic, The Glory is great. The opening track is even good, Good Morning, really simple but so catchy. The single, Stronger, is fun as well. I have Cant' Tell Me Nothing as my ring tone. The best track of all might be the closer, Big Brother, a song about Kanye's relationship with Jay-Z, at first you'll think its a diss-track but its just honest, even Jay-Z himself thinks its the best track on the album. You seriously gotta check this one out.

Mae - Singularity. 7/10 STARS

This is Mae's third album and its their best one yet. I think Mae is great background music to life. Some people would consider this sound as boring, and it can be at times, but its great positive music. if you like a college-rock sound with no screaming or heaviness, but not so soft that you fall asleep, check these guys out. This album seems to be much more uptempo than the last one, which I enjoy. My favorite track is the starter, Brink of Disaster, and also Crazy 8's. These guys are currently on tour with Anberlin and if you get a chance to see them, you’ll never forget it, it’s going to be epic.

the Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves. 7/10 STARS

These guys are brand new to me, thanks to Scott Lenger. This raw sounding punk band hails from London, which is usually a major turnoff to me. But for the crappy punk rock guitar sound, the music is actually really solid, with a good amount of breakdowns and intense vocals, these guys seem to separate themselves from bands in this genre. According to Scott these guys put on a super-intense show, and you'll be quickly able to imagine it listening to this album. The title track is amazing! These guys are currently on tour opening up for Bad Religion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Was Brainwashed

So i've finally figured out why i'm so anti-big music, anti-sellouts.

When i was a kid, i remember watching the same California Raisins movie over and over, it was called The Raisins Sold Out.

You remember the Raisins right? They sang "Heard It Through The Grapevine". they were these little claymation figures and they were awesome! Anyway, i used to watch this short movie about them all the time, it showed how they signed a contract and proceeded to give in to the demands of their big label. they were forced to sing music genre's that they weren't accustomed to like country-rap and sing at venues that were lame like an old-folks home.

This is serious stuff my friends

Anyway, i still have the VHS so if you ever want to know the true meaning of sellout, get over to my house!

Monday, October 8, 2007

More of You

Hey guys, our new album More of You is ready to go. You can order it via paypal and have the cd shipped to you, or you can download it from SnoCap (like itunes but better). either way please take a minute and check out the cd, we're very proud it.

Buy 'More Of You' via PayPal:

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

519 this Sunday!

Hey guys, come hang out with us at our cd release this Sunday at Calvary Bible Church. This night starts at 6p and its $5. We'll have our new album, More of You, for sale for $10.

I really hope to see some of you there, it'd mean a lot to us to have a bunch of our friends make the trek to Boulder!