Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bands You'll Never See Again

My latest creation.

i can't stop making playlists, i enjoy it too much, too bad only like 3 people ever listen to them (thanks Drew, Isaac and Alan).

Anyway, lately i've been telling Kassie how i can't listen to bands that have broken up. I feel like listening to music is in a way, studying the music for the show. why listen to a band that has already broken up? you'll never see 'em live so whats really the point.

It was never really a problem until Good Riddance broke up. i really like those guys and i was disappointed not being able to listen to them anymore.

This inspired me a make a compilation of bands/tracks that'd we'll never see live again because the bands have broken up. i think its a fun listen, and it was a blast to do since i got to listen to some older albums like Kid Dynamite and Vision.

Here's the Tracklist:
Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy
Reggie and the Full Effect - Girl Why'd You Run Away
Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Vision - Predictable
Good Riddance - Darkest Days
In My Eyes - For a Moment
Faded Grey - A Quiet Time of Desperation
Stay Gold - Just Below the Surface
the Distillers - Bullet and the Bullseye
Grey Area - Reminder
98 Mute - Slow Motion Riot
face to face - You've Done Nothing
One Man Army - One in the Same
Straight Faced - Conditioned
the Suicide Machines - No Face
Chances Are - More Than You Deserve
Blink 182 - Apple Shampoo
Fallenshort - Nothing Else Matters (Breathe)
Hidden in Plain View - Ashes Ashes
the Nerve Agents - Carpe Diem
Bane - Ante Up
Snapcase - Zombie Prescription
Champion - Next Year
Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids
the Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day
Bush - Everything Zen

Hope you check it out


aaron said...

Bush broke up?!?!?!?!?!

I'm gonna go have a good cry.

Tahoe said...

You forgot Beloved and TVFH. What ever happened to those guys?

Anonymous said...

Suicide machines have been playing off and on again. I am not sure if it is a comeback or re-living the "old-days" however I would not count them out as of yet (seriously what else are they going to do).

Bush, really? I thought this was a real music blog...

BMer916 said...

haha, apparently you don't sense the humor there about Bush, no one likes Gavin and the Bushites.

Yea, the Suicide Machines have been seen around, as so have some of the other bands