Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Album Reviews

Okay, so i've been listening to a lot of new music as of late, and i thought i'd share my thoughts with you guys on these albums. There should be a little bit of everything here, from Kanye's new album, to David Crowder, to The Gallows.

First on the list is David Crowder's Remedy. 6/10 STARS

I love Crowder, he always brings a fresh approach to music, but this album just seems rushed. Theres no real flavor to the album, just 10 straight tracks, and after listening through the album a few times, no song really stands out as remarkable. His lyrics seem a little generic in comparison to his last two albums, Illuminate and A Collision. This isn't a bad album by any means, its just not special as you’ll see with tracks like Can You Feel It which sounds like Crowder himself is bored while singing it. Songs i do like are the Glory of it All, Surely We Can Change, and Remedy. The track featuring Ted Nugent is weak, it doesn't really flow well at all. This is a solid album, I think I just expected more flare from the Crowder crew.

Next up is Shane & Shane's Pages. 9/10 STARS

I'm a relatively 'young' Shane & Shane fan since i only started listening to them about 2 years ago. I guess this is important to note that since everyone else i talk to about these guys says that Psalm, their first album, is their best. I listened to that album and i thought it was alright. I think Clean was great, and this album is even better. I feel like they experimented with some new styles of writing here, referring to Satan/the Devil in songs like Embracing Accusation, a little more and bringing some controversy to the album. Songs like Holiday, Burn Us Up and We Love You Jesus are a step out of the mold of slow love songs that you usually find on a Shane & Shane album. But there are still great worship-style songs like Psalm 62 and Beg.

Crime in Stereo - Is Dead. 5/10 STARS

I really want to like these guys more, but they're kinda bland. Here are 11 new tracks, that, well just run together. everyone considers these guys in the hardcore scene but i think they're a lot more punk rock than hardcore. this album experiments with some new ideas and sounds, with a few slows ballad-type tracks, that are boring. I can't even pick out a favorite track since they all sorta sound the same.

Emery - I'm Only A Man. 7/10 STARS

I've been waiting for this album for a long time, and i was slightly disappointed now that I’ve heard it. I knew that The Question would be almost impossible to follow-up, most sophomore albums fall flat, and i think this one does a little. But on the bright side, it's still a great listen. I think Emery has a totally unique sound and only in contrast to their last album, does this one fall a little short. Otherwise i would totally recommend checking this one out. Songs i like are Party On and Can't Stop the Killer. The great thing about Emery is their lyrics. Always dramatic and if you take time to read what their singing, you can easily feel the pain and emotion of the writer, great storytelling. This album is a good amount more focused on singing and less of the heavy feel of The Question.

Kanye West - Graduation. 9/10 STARS

Oh man! now here is an album i've been recommending to everyone. This album is so good. Usually with Rap albums there are a few singles, and a bunch of crap to fill in the spaces. not the case here at all. every time i listen to this album i think the song i'm currently listening to is my favorite song, that is until the next track starts. only two weak tracks, Barry Bonds and Drunk and Hot Girls. otherwise, Flashing Lights is hypnotic, The Glory is great. The opening track is even good, Good Morning, really simple but so catchy. The single, Stronger, is fun as well. I have Cant' Tell Me Nothing as my ring tone. The best track of all might be the closer, Big Brother, a song about Kanye's relationship with Jay-Z, at first you'll think its a diss-track but its just honest, even Jay-Z himself thinks its the best track on the album. You seriously gotta check this one out.

Mae - Singularity. 7/10 STARS

This is Mae's third album and its their best one yet. I think Mae is great background music to life. Some people would consider this sound as boring, and it can be at times, but its great positive music. if you like a college-rock sound with no screaming or heaviness, but not so soft that you fall asleep, check these guys out. This album seems to be much more uptempo than the last one, which I enjoy. My favorite track is the starter, Brink of Disaster, and also Crazy 8's. These guys are currently on tour with Anberlin and if you get a chance to see them, you’ll never forget it, it’s going to be epic.

the Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves. 7/10 STARS

These guys are brand new to me, thanks to Scott Lenger. This raw sounding punk band hails from London, which is usually a major turnoff to me. But for the crappy punk rock guitar sound, the music is actually really solid, with a good amount of breakdowns and intense vocals, these guys seem to separate themselves from bands in this genre. According to Scott these guys put on a super-intense show, and you'll be quickly able to imagine it listening to this album. The title track is amazing! These guys are currently on tour opening up for Bad Religion.

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Falling off the Grid said...

to sum up what i have heard so far of these guys in one word : totally effing brutal

but not brutal like sepultara, brutal like Johnny Rotten walking down the streets of london on a cold gray morning, punching random people in the stomach just cuz they smiled at him. yeah, that kind of brutal