Saturday, December 22, 2007

Album of the Year

Massive post here, i took my time with this one. i gotta say, it was a good year for music, despite what MTv says.

Here are my top 10 favorite albums of 2007, in order, though, not much really separates number 10 from number 1.

also, after the list, i also listed the worst albums of 2007, in my eyes

10. the Almost - Southern Weather: This a great album, led by , the drummer from underOATH. a great mix of worship and rock, with really no bad songs on the entire album. a few songs that stick out would be Southern Weather, Amzing Because It Is, and Say This Sooner.

9. the Robbie Seay Band - Give It All Away: The sophomore effort from Robbie Seay and his humble band. These guys are still under the radar, somehow, but should be full-fledged Christian music all-stars soon enough. This album features more smooth songs from RSB with a maturing sound from the first album. A good dose of sequencing mixed with raspy vocals, but my favorite talent in the band is still the bass playing.

8. Life In Your Way - Waking Giants: Solid State's bright rising stars LIYW third album is easily their best. Very heavy hardcore/progressive music with some great honesty in the lyrics. While most hardcore/post-hardcore bands are getting away with very artsy lyrics to maybe hide their faith or disguise it, LIYW kicks your face in with songs like Salty Grave and Threads of Sincerity. Keep your eye on these guys.

7. Means - Sending You Strength: Just like LIYW, Means is very heavy, and very straight-forward. This album really never lets up at all, every songs has a great breakdown, and great lyrics with songs like Throw Open the Gates, Connected, and Sending You Strength

6. The Glorious Unseen - Tonite the Stars Speak: This is a surprising album released late in 2007. A straight-forward worship album coming from a band with connections throughout the hardcore community. Instead of following the path lead by Third Day and David Crowder, these guys are opening shows for underOATH and other hardcore acts. this album, as i stated in an earlier review, has some great writing, just awesome lyrics, raw and fresh.

5. Anberlin - Cities: Anberlin is really picking up steam, you can hear them on the radio out here in Denver now. I've seen them twice in the last 12 months and they are the best live show i've seen. Cities was a huge improvement from their first two albums, not to say they were bad, this is just an awesomely written album. good fast energy songs like Godspeed countered with thoughtful, artsy songs like Unwinding Cable Car, Stephen Christian and Anberlin are cruising towards some huge popularity.

4. Shane & Shane - Pages: This is like the 104th release from Shane and company, but i think its their best. This album didn't receive the great reviews i expected from my friends, but i really felt like these two took a different perspective in the song writing. the music is not a radical change from previous albums, but the lyrics are very fresh and new, songs like Over the Sun, Burn Us Up and Beg.

3. Oh Sleeper - When I Am A God: Solid State's newboys, this album is epic. It's only been out for a few months, but i can't stop listening to it. its sounds very much like older underoath so some listeners might not be terribly impressed. much different from underoath is the lyrics, which sound more like a call to arms. Epic songs include Vices like Vipers, The Siren's Song, and I Welcome the Reaping.

2. Kanye West - Graduation: Oh man, far and away the best album from Kanye, and the best hip-hop album of the year. i can't believe 50 Cent thought he could compete with this. if this is a result of a competition, then Kanye is the Reggie Miller of music. what is very rare for a rap album, there are only 2 weak songs and no stupid skits between tracks. i can't even pick songs out, every track sounds like a single, and probably will be.

1. Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges: This album is relentless. This is the first album for the new singer, but Haste's third album overall. everyone i talk to loves the new and improved sound and this album is still in my car even though it came out in February. this is one of those reliable albums that no matter what mood you're in, pop this in and you'll be great. every track is good, but a few that stand out would be Stitches, Needles, and White Collar.

Honorable Mention:

Common - Finding Forever
the Higher - On Fire
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting
Colbie Caillat - Coco
Bayside - The Walking Wounded
As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life
As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep
Alicia Keys - As I Am
Anchors for Arms - Listen.React
A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart

Albums that Disappoint:

Chasing Victory - Fiends
Mae - Singularity
Kelly Clarkson - My December
Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long
David Crowder - Remedy
Crime in Stereo - Is Dead
Smoke or Fire - The Sinking Ship
Emery - I'm Only a Man
Blaqk Audio - Cex Cells
Big & Rich - Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, Sleeper = Oh, sh.....

These guys own!

Newest band on Solid State Records, Oh, Sleeper is awesome! if you like underOATH, Haste the Day, As I Lay Dying, Chasing Victory, Means, Life In Your Way or Petra, you'll love these guys.

Just check them out, and i'll send you the album via sendspace if you want it, which you should!

on MySpace or Purevolume or Official Website

When I Am God - Oh, Sleeper

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kick Your Face In

okay, so if you want you face kicked in by some epic christian metalcore/hardcore, join Tahoe and me at the Gothic Theater next friday, the 19th for As I Lay Dying followed by Haste the Day.

Truth will be spoken (or screamed)

Haste the Day (headliner)

As I Lay Dying

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the Glorious Unseen album review

My homies Alan and Kandy Rae Baertschi recommended that i check out this new band called the Glorious Unseen, and well, what a find!

This great new worship band has basically come out of nowhere. This album of theirs, Tonite The Star Speak, is amazing, its raw, its emotional, and its a breath of fresh air to the current worship albums out there right now.

Not to take anything away from Crowder, Tomlin, Bebo, Third Day, Jars of Clay and others, but its kinda nice to hear something that isn't perfectly recorded, with perfect vocals, and perfect lyrics. TGU is soo raw in their writing style, it makes me think that i could have written it myself because of the simplicity.

There are a couple of signs that people will be begin to see that makes TGU different from other worship bands. First, they're signed to Tooth & Nail Records. This is a punk/hardcore label who became known with the signing of MxPx and Slickshoes back in the day. Currently they're home to some big bands like underOATH, Life in Your Way and other hardcore acts.

Secondly, the bands that are out supporting TGU are the same hardcore bands. with recommendations from mewithoutyou, the Chariot, As Cities Burn and others, you'd think this was a heavy album, but it is most certainly not

The feel of this album is slow, mellow, honest, artsy, and serious. some of the stand out songs are Tonite the Stars Speak, Forever Holy, and Close To My Heart. with great lyrics like "this is what makes my head spin - You're forever Holy." i just feel like the honesty is so poetic.

If you're looking for something a little different but not edgy or experimental, check these guys out, you'll be singing along in no time.

Matt Wertz/Dave Barnes Review

Oh man

This was an epic show. On Saturday Kassie and I went up to Boulders Fox Theater to catch the Two Birds One Stone Tour featuring Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes. I've been telling people about these guys and this show for awhile, and man, you guys really missed out!

First of all, the Gabe Dixon Band was the opener. I've known about these guys for about a year now, ever since their song All Will Be Well was featured on the NBC show Conviction. Its piano rock, like Ben Folds Five but better. They're a three-piece, piano, drums and bass and they were amazing. Gabe had so much energy he could barely stay seated on his piano bench. their music was awesome, great head-bobbing beats, and Gabe's voice was amazing. The best thing about their set was that they knew that people probably didn't know who they were so he only played 5 songs before the headliners.

seriously, i'm telling you now that the Gabe Dixon Band is worth checking out, and they will make it pretty big before they're done.

Now for the best part of the night. I was hoping that the guys would do this so it was great to see, Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes played together, singing each other's songs and hitting all of the hits. Even better, the Gabe Dixon Band was the band for Wertz and Barnes, so it was like an all-star event, like Jay-Z and Kanye, like Crowder, Shane&Shane, Robbie Seay all together.

it was epic
I don't even know where to start, you could tell that Wertz was the confident one up there, he's been on a few national tours. This was Dave's first time to Boulder and he was a little nervous but his songs are undeniable. They played together for about 40 minutes before Dave left the stage to let Matt do some of his softer songs like Counting to 100. After that, Dave came back and played some of his slower songs like Crazyboutya.

The Fox was packed and the atmosphere was amazing, everyone was singing along and the energy was great. before we knew it, the guys had been playing for 2 hours, and no end in sight. About halfway through the set, Matt and Dave gave a speech about the Mocha Club benefit ting Africa. this was a little awkward, it took them about 20 minutes to say what could have been said in 10. but out of the speech they gave the stage to Gabe Dixon to sing his hit, All Will Be Well solo. it was really good, great song, you need to check it out.

The guys came back and played what seemed like every song off their albums, Carolina, Someday Sarah, Until You, Grace's Amazing Hands, Can't Grow Tired of Your Love, Change the World (unreleased), Heartbreaker, 5:19, The Way I Feel, Marianne, Somedays and a ton more
Unfortunately Kassie and I are old people now and we had to leave before the encore so we don't know how that went, or what songs they did.

We had a great time, and if you get a chance to catch this tour when it comes to your time, i doubt they will tour like this again, so go see it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bands You'll Never See Again

My latest creation.

i can't stop making playlists, i enjoy it too much, too bad only like 3 people ever listen to them (thanks Drew, Isaac and Alan).

Anyway, lately i've been telling Kassie how i can't listen to bands that have broken up. I feel like listening to music is in a way, studying the music for the show. why listen to a band that has already broken up? you'll never see 'em live so whats really the point.

It was never really a problem until Good Riddance broke up. i really like those guys and i was disappointed not being able to listen to them anymore.

This inspired me a make a compilation of bands/tracks that'd we'll never see live again because the bands have broken up. i think its a fun listen, and it was a blast to do since i got to listen to some older albums like Kid Dynamite and Vision.

Here's the Tracklist:
Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy
Reggie and the Full Effect - Girl Why'd You Run Away
Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Vision - Predictable
Good Riddance - Darkest Days
In My Eyes - For a Moment
Faded Grey - A Quiet Time of Desperation
Stay Gold - Just Below the Surface
the Distillers - Bullet and the Bullseye
Grey Area - Reminder
98 Mute - Slow Motion Riot
face to face - You've Done Nothing
One Man Army - One in the Same
Straight Faced - Conditioned
the Suicide Machines - No Face
Chances Are - More Than You Deserve
Blink 182 - Apple Shampoo
Fallenshort - Nothing Else Matters (Breathe)
Hidden in Plain View - Ashes Ashes
the Nerve Agents - Carpe Diem
Bane - Ante Up
Snapcase - Zombie Prescription
Champion - Next Year
Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids
the Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day
Bush - Everything Zen

Hope you check it out

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tiger Army/Street Dogs @ Ogden review

Last night i saw the Street Dogs and Tiger Army at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. First off, i love the Ogden, its one of my favorite venues, it was the first place i caught a show after i moved to Denver in 2000.

Anyway, the first band of the night was The Static Age. They suck. trust me.

On to the Street Dogs. I love these guys. For fans of Dropkick Murphys and bands the like, you should check these guys out. The Ogden was packed, i'm sure it finally soldout, and i had to be in the pit for the Dogs. It was pretty crazy, Mike McColgan (ex- leadman for the Murphys) came out in true Irish/Boston dress, a long black coat and a beret hat. He's looking pretty old these days, i hate to admit, but he's amazing. Starting with Without a Purpose, Without a Fight the crowd got pumped up. the Dogs blazed through all their hit songs from Strike a Blow, Back to the World, Defense of Dorchester, Tobe's Got A Drinking Problem and Fighter without many breaks. The Street Dogs are a Pro-Union band, anti-war and their songs hold nothing back. One might expect that with such strong views, their shows would turn into a soapbox but thats what makes Mike such a good front man. He makes his points without overstepping.

The crowd participation was great and Mike was climbing all over the place and encouraging the crowd to participate. He could have passed the mic a little more but maybe he has trouble bending over due to age. At one point, before Tobe's Got a Drinking Problem, Mike gave the pit a beer shower, which then caused everyone with a beer to pour into the pit, suffice to say i didn't smell good when i got home. But no matter, the Dogs played for about 40 minutes, covering all songs they should have minus Common People and Mass Deception. They played a few slow ballad type songs to mix it up, all in all, i was very impressed and i'd see them again.

Now on to the headliner, Tiger Army. Let me say that if Isaac hadn't had invited me to this show i don't know if i would have gone. I like Tiger Army, and i've tried for years to really get into them but they never stick. I've seen them before and their shows are always great, they are very energetic and it doesn't hurt that the bass player plays a stand-up bass. Tonite was much the same, they always play ten times faster live, which is great for the people dancing but i think it takes away from the unique sound that is Tiger Army. Nick 13's voice is great but i had a hard time hearing it last night. Also, if you didn't know the songs last night, they might have all sounded the same since the drumbeat is the same 1950's rock/shuffle beat at the same speed for most songs.

On top of that, the new bass player is a tool. don't get me wrong, he was an amazing bass player, but his mic skills were terrible, he only said maybe three different phrases on the mic from "let me hear you Denver" to "is everyone having fun tonite". that got annoying. and he wore sunglasses for the whole set. and Tiger Army did the fake encore thing.

But they were good. And the crowd loved them. I'm surprised that they gotten such a huge following, i remember back in 2000 that nobody really liked them, they just knew that Nick 13 and Davey Havok were buddies. But this place last night went crazy, so that was nice to see. I didn't recognize all of the songs but i know that they played a lot of new songs from their third and fourth albums. Maybe Isaac can give us a set list.

All in all, a good night, it was fun to get out again. Good thing i didn't stay home and watch the Rockies.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Album Reviews

Okay, so i've been listening to a lot of new music as of late, and i thought i'd share my thoughts with you guys on these albums. There should be a little bit of everything here, from Kanye's new album, to David Crowder, to The Gallows.

First on the list is David Crowder's Remedy. 6/10 STARS

I love Crowder, he always brings a fresh approach to music, but this album just seems rushed. Theres no real flavor to the album, just 10 straight tracks, and after listening through the album a few times, no song really stands out as remarkable. His lyrics seem a little generic in comparison to his last two albums, Illuminate and A Collision. This isn't a bad album by any means, its just not special as you’ll see with tracks like Can You Feel It which sounds like Crowder himself is bored while singing it. Songs i do like are the Glory of it All, Surely We Can Change, and Remedy. The track featuring Ted Nugent is weak, it doesn't really flow well at all. This is a solid album, I think I just expected more flare from the Crowder crew.

Next up is Shane & Shane's Pages. 9/10 STARS

I'm a relatively 'young' Shane & Shane fan since i only started listening to them about 2 years ago. I guess this is important to note that since everyone else i talk to about these guys says that Psalm, their first album, is their best. I listened to that album and i thought it was alright. I think Clean was great, and this album is even better. I feel like they experimented with some new styles of writing here, referring to Satan/the Devil in songs like Embracing Accusation, a little more and bringing some controversy to the album. Songs like Holiday, Burn Us Up and We Love You Jesus are a step out of the mold of slow love songs that you usually find on a Shane & Shane album. But there are still great worship-style songs like Psalm 62 and Beg.

Crime in Stereo - Is Dead. 5/10 STARS

I really want to like these guys more, but they're kinda bland. Here are 11 new tracks, that, well just run together. everyone considers these guys in the hardcore scene but i think they're a lot more punk rock than hardcore. this album experiments with some new ideas and sounds, with a few slows ballad-type tracks, that are boring. I can't even pick out a favorite track since they all sorta sound the same.

Emery - I'm Only A Man. 7/10 STARS

I've been waiting for this album for a long time, and i was slightly disappointed now that I’ve heard it. I knew that The Question would be almost impossible to follow-up, most sophomore albums fall flat, and i think this one does a little. But on the bright side, it's still a great listen. I think Emery has a totally unique sound and only in contrast to their last album, does this one fall a little short. Otherwise i would totally recommend checking this one out. Songs i like are Party On and Can't Stop the Killer. The great thing about Emery is their lyrics. Always dramatic and if you take time to read what their singing, you can easily feel the pain and emotion of the writer, great storytelling. This album is a good amount more focused on singing and less of the heavy feel of The Question.

Kanye West - Graduation. 9/10 STARS

Oh man! now here is an album i've been recommending to everyone. This album is so good. Usually with Rap albums there are a few singles, and a bunch of crap to fill in the spaces. not the case here at all. every time i listen to this album i think the song i'm currently listening to is my favorite song, that is until the next track starts. only two weak tracks, Barry Bonds and Drunk and Hot Girls. otherwise, Flashing Lights is hypnotic, The Glory is great. The opening track is even good, Good Morning, really simple but so catchy. The single, Stronger, is fun as well. I have Cant' Tell Me Nothing as my ring tone. The best track of all might be the closer, Big Brother, a song about Kanye's relationship with Jay-Z, at first you'll think its a diss-track but its just honest, even Jay-Z himself thinks its the best track on the album. You seriously gotta check this one out.

Mae - Singularity. 7/10 STARS

This is Mae's third album and its their best one yet. I think Mae is great background music to life. Some people would consider this sound as boring, and it can be at times, but its great positive music. if you like a college-rock sound with no screaming or heaviness, but not so soft that you fall asleep, check these guys out. This album seems to be much more uptempo than the last one, which I enjoy. My favorite track is the starter, Brink of Disaster, and also Crazy 8's. These guys are currently on tour with Anberlin and if you get a chance to see them, you’ll never forget it, it’s going to be epic.

the Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves. 7/10 STARS

These guys are brand new to me, thanks to Scott Lenger. This raw sounding punk band hails from London, which is usually a major turnoff to me. But for the crappy punk rock guitar sound, the music is actually really solid, with a good amount of breakdowns and intense vocals, these guys seem to separate themselves from bands in this genre. According to Scott these guys put on a super-intense show, and you'll be quickly able to imagine it listening to this album. The title track is amazing! These guys are currently on tour opening up for Bad Religion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Was Brainwashed

So i've finally figured out why i'm so anti-big music, anti-sellouts.

When i was a kid, i remember watching the same California Raisins movie over and over, it was called The Raisins Sold Out.

You remember the Raisins right? They sang "Heard It Through The Grapevine". they were these little claymation figures and they were awesome! Anyway, i used to watch this short movie about them all the time, it showed how they signed a contract and proceeded to give in to the demands of their big label. they were forced to sing music genre's that they weren't accustomed to like country-rap and sing at venues that were lame like an old-folks home.

This is serious stuff my friends

Anyway, i still have the VHS so if you ever want to know the true meaning of sellout, get over to my house!

Monday, October 8, 2007

More of You

Hey guys, our new album More of You is ready to go. You can order it via paypal and have the cd shipped to you, or you can download it from SnoCap (like itunes but better). either way please take a minute and check out the cd, we're very proud it.

Buy 'More Of You' via PayPal:

Check us out at

519 Official Page
519 on Myspace

Thursday, October 4, 2007

519 this Sunday!

Hey guys, come hang out with us at our cd release this Sunday at Calvary Bible Church. This night starts at 6p and its $5. We'll have our new album, More of You, for sale for $10.

I really hope to see some of you there, it'd mean a lot to us to have a bunch of our friends make the trek to Boulder!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Bebo & LIYW update!

unfortunately i got ahold of Bebo Norman's people and apparently that show in Colorado has been cancelled and he's not planning on playing in Colorado.

This really bums me out since this show was going to be epic with Bebo, Shane & Shane and Shawn McDonald. Hopefully those guys will make it up to us after the tour!

Also, Life In Your Way has cancelled their tour which would have brought them to Lifespot in South Denver on October 6th. This is lame as well.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Converting Atheists... volume 6 is here!

so i finished the 6th volume in my masterpiece series titled Converting Atheists Into Believers. Check it out if you want to hear some new bands or give your current worn out selection of music a face lift.

here's the track list:

1 Raffi - Get Together
2 A Day to Remember - Show Em the Ropes
3 A Change of Pace - Prepare the Masses
4 Mae - Brink of Disaster
5 Anberlin - Whisper and a Clamor
6 Bayside - Duality
7 The Almost - Southern Weather
8 Fall Out Boy - Thriller
9 The Higher - Insurance?
10 Dropkick Murphys - Sunshine Highway
11 Anchor for Arms - The Roots
12 Last of the Believers - Dissent
13 Comeback Kid - In/Tuition
14 Haste the Day - White Collar
15 Life in Your Way - Reach the End
16 Means - Connected
17 As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
18 Rise Against - Built to Last (SOIA)
19 With Honor - Elevens
20 Last Tuesday - Become What You Believe
21 Destroy the Runner - Separate
22 A Skylit Drive - Drown the City
23 As Cities Burn - Empire
24 Tim Armstrong (Rancid) - Wake Up
25 Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin) - Lovetrap


so here's the latest scoop on everything within reach of BMer:

519: The new cd, More of You, is due out early October. 519 will be playing shows all fall and through the winter so stay tuned for a show near you. The CD release party will be at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder on October 7th.

Killing the Dream: KTD's new album, Fractures, is due out near the end of the year. After that KTD should be touring near here in the early part of 2008. You got to catch these guys, rumors tell me that this might be the last hurrah for the group since they can't get everyone on the same page for touring.

Life In Your Way
: LIYW just announced a nation-wide tour including a stop in Centennial Colorado at Lifespot. If you haven't been to this tiny venue, its probably to most intimate place to see a band, its smaller than most dive bars so this show will be epic! Oct 6!

Matt Wertz/Dave Barnes: These two have announced through MySpace that they are organizing a tour together for this fall! stay tuned for dates.

October is Show Month: Bebo Norman/Shane&Shane - 10/1, 519 - 10/7, underOATH - 10/13, Emery - 10/24, David Crowder Band - 10/24, Tiger Army - 10/24.

Bebo Norman: i'm having trouble locating tickets for this show, but i'll look more into it. Also Bebo has a Christmas album coming out this year, so check that out.

Other Shows: Haste the Day is coming November 23rd and Anberlin is coming December 9th.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Punk Rock Fight Club

I was reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone because there was an article titled "Punk Rock Fight Club". i read the very in-depth article and if you're a fan of punk/hardcore, you should read it as well

Punk Rock Fight Club

The link above will send you to a video slide show recap of the article so you'll have to read the article in the actual magazine.

The topic centers around hardcore gang FSU, which originated in Boston. Some of the bands mentioned in the article include Blood for Blood and Death Before Dishonor. The article really hit home for me not because i'm part of some violent gang, but because my friends and i growing up saw some of this in the scene.

Killing the Dream

These gangs basically come down to racist stance, whereas you're either a racist Nazi or not. FSU basically seeks out Nazi's and fight them. When i say Nazi people think they're not around, or they're in Germany or something, but in the scene the term Nazi refers to anyone who is racist on any platform. So one stories involved a kid who was beaten to death because he was wearing a shirt with a Confederate Flag on it and wouldn't take it off.

For people not into the hardcore scene this article might seem a little over the top but it surely isn't. Not every show is violent, but i've seen small glimpses of the violence referred to here. i've lived in Sacramento and Denver, and both scenes aren't nearly as violent or traditional as say Boston, New Jersey or Los Angeles.

On the other hand, not all hardcore is violent. A new genre of hardcore has been taking over since 2000 with an ultra-positive theme. Bands like Blood for Blood, Madball, Agnostic Front... are getting old and the new hardcore bands are taking over with their lyrics of positivity, anti-violence, straight-edge and unity. These bands include Sinking Ships, Comeback Kid, Crime in Stereo, Rise Against, and many others.

I'm getting older by the day, and i'm certainly no expert on hardcore, but this article definitely sheds light on the dark side of hardcore, the side that made me nervous at some shows growing up (Bo Jangles anyone).

I would really recommend reading this article to anyone, especially those who think gang violence only involves Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Anberlin - Never A Take Friendship Personal (live)

Here's Anberlin sing Never Take Friendship Personal from back in the day.

Only a few more months away

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anberlin / Mae in concert

okay, if you haven't seen Anberlin live, you're totally missing out on one of the most energetic shows around!!

December 9th at the Fillmore with Mae and Motion City Soundtrack

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life in Your Way/With Honor

okay, once there was a band, Life in Your Way. They were hardcore/post-hardcore/christian.

Todd Mackey played drums for this band.

Eventually, Todd moved on and became the lead singer for With Honor, a Punk/Hardcore band that was awesome.

Thing grew a bit heated and apparently Todd either left or quit or something, but was out as the the lead singer of With Honor, replaced by some scrawny screamo kid named Whitey.

Both guitarist/singers from Life in Your Way have also left their band, which brings us full circle because, yes, Todd Mackey is rejoining Life in Your Way as a guitarist/singer along with corey stroffolino from Risk Taken.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The View From Here - R.I.P.?

So my good friends in The View From Here might be calling it quits

The group has posted a blog on their myspace page informing the people that guitarist and Nicolas Cage impostor, John Zanette, has left the band to move to Portland, Oregon with his wife. The band hasn't confirmed that this spells the end but knowing the guys and the fact that they've been together since at least 2002 (formed from the ashes of The Ukraine), i don't see them finding a new guitarist.

Justin, lead singer and vox, is the Director of Worship at Lookout Mountain Church and i know he's super busy, and Tahoe recently bought a new house with his wife that is a lot of work, see here.

Anyway, these guys have put in a ton of hard work in the recent years trying to make a name for themselves and they're just part of a recent run of semi-successful musicians to come out of Colorado Christian University (Meese, Brian Davis, Josh Dykstra, Flowers for Algernon, 519...), and John Zanette was no exception, i wish him luck in Oregon, he will be missed.

John's last show will be this Friday at the Garage in Arvada. Doors open at 6p.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Albums of the Year

I've had a pretty eventful 2007 with the birth of my daughter, buying a new house, minor heart surgery, multiple run-ins with family, trading away my truck and about one thousand other events not all bad. Luckily music is the greatest way to remember events and i wanted to share whats been basically my soundtrack since January.

These are the 10 albums that I've pretty much worn out in the last 6 months:

Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges (Mar '07). This album is going to end up the best album of 2007. Everyone i run into from Tahoe, Alan, Drew, Capone and everyone else, i recommend this album to. It's amazing. Its a great blend of metal, hardcore and just plain rock, with choruses that are seriously addicting and great to sing along with. A few key tracks include White Collar, Needles, Minor Prophets, and Stitches.

Means - Sending You Strength (Mar '07). This album is the best unknown album in hardcore. I never knew Canadiens could rock so hard, well, beside Comeback Kid. This album is my go to album to just go crazy to with tracks like Sending You Strength, Connected, and Throw Open the Gates. Seriously, if you like hardcore check these guys out!

Anberlin - Cities (Feb '07). Anberlin's third full-length is great. These guys just keep getting better and their live show is the best. Aaron described these guys as "Sting singing for a punk rock band". I don't know about that, but either way you look at it this band is great to sing along with and this album packs a ton of energy. Some tracks to look for include Whisper and a Clamour, Dismantle Repair, *Fin, and Godspeed.

Matt Wertz - Everything in Between (Feb '07). I've already talked a ton about Matt Wertz and this album is awesome. I've been listening to it a lot lately and its right in line with his other two full-lengths. His music really reminds me of how John Mayer sounded before he got huge, ya know, just good simple song writing and fun catchy riffs. A few tracks to look for are 5:19, The Way I Feel, Carolina and Like the Last Time

The Almost - Southern Weather (Apr '07). This album is a little bit of a change a pace for me but i was really looking forward to checking it out. I love the singers voice (drummer for underOATH) and the music wasn't as heavy as i had expected. Its just good rock n roll and it has a few super catchy songs like Say This Sooner, Dirty and Left Out, Southern Weather and Amazing Because It Is.

Bayside - Walking Wounded (Feb '07)
Life In Your Way - Waking Giants (Mar '07)
Eric Clapton - The Road to Escondido (Nov '06)
John Mayer - Continuum(Sep '06)
Bebo Norman - Between the Dreaming and Coming True (Sep '06)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Edwin Owns!

So just as i had predicted, Edwin owned last night. He's the best singer/songwriter/story teller of this generation and yet, he still seems undiscovered.

The Soiled Dove Underground is a pretty nice venue, everyone is super close to the stage, the sound was good, and despite not having chairs for everyone who was general admission, Kass was still able to grab a seat.

The opening act was pretty weak, some dude named Jason Villegas or something. He had a great voice, pretty generic guitar riffs and weak lyrics. Everyone song was sung about "You", and most of the songs started off sounding like an Adam Sandler song with palm mutes and short, choppy words.

Anyway, it only made Edwin sound that much better. I'm not gonna spend a bunch of time telling you all of the details because, well, i feel like i already have told you so many good things about Edwin.

So here's a short recap. He brought his percussionist, Kenny Smith, and a lead guitar dude, plus Craig (horns) so we got to hear a few different songs that he usually doesn't play like See Off This Mountain and Go Be Young. I just love how Edwin tells the stories behind the songs, and its not long-winded, but usually humorous, he has really good timing and knows when the audience would rather hear some music rather than talk.

anyway, here's the songs he play, not in any order, my memory isn't that good:

Darwin's Children

Go Be Young

See Off This Mountain

Sign on the Door

Lost in America

Gramercy Park Hotel

Shooting Stars

Could Not Ask For More

I'll Be

One Thing Left To Do

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Edwin McCain is Coming

So i'll say this from now until the show, but this is a Can't Miss Show!

Edwin is so good live, i'm not lying! The first time kassie and i saw him was at the Soiled Dove in Denver across the street from Coors Field. It's a tiny little club, and Edwin played acoustic with his buddy Craig who plays horns, keys, and anything else.

We also saw him play in Boulder last year, which was great.

I tell so many people about Edwin, and his music, and how his live performances are just great, yet, no one ever takes me up on going to the show. in fact, i don't know if anyone besides our buddy Jen have even listened to Edwin.

Anyway, the show is July 2nd at the Soiled Dove. If you're cool you'll be there. I don't know what else to say except that this will be my favorite show of the summer.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Songs of my Life

So i decided to make a list of the songs that were the most impactful relating to that season of my life. Instead of going year by year, i went by school years ya know, like 04-05 to 05-06. anyway, this was a really fun list to make, thinking back to high school and even jr high and what i was listening to at the time. so here it is: The Songs of My Life

  1. 6th Grade (1993-1994): Boyz II Men - Thank You. My first CD player, and my first CD
  2. 7th Grade (94-95): Garth Brooks - If Tomorrow Never Comes. I played this in the jukebox at Round Table Pizza every time we went there
  3. 8th Grade (95-96): Skankin' Pickle - Fakin Jamaican. A quick ska phase thanks to Lindsay Strannigan and Shep Sheppard
  4. 9th Grade (96-97): MxPx - Chick Magnet. Guiltripp was formed and we covered this song, it was like the first song we learned
  5. 10th Grade (97-98): Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Hero. My punk years begin with a sampler from Hellcat Records, and seeing the Murphys at Bo Jangles
  6. 11th Grade (98-99): Straight Faced - Against. I loved these guys in High School, everyone had their band and mine was Straight Faced.
  7. 12th Grade (99-00): AFI - Malleus Maleficarum. AFI was our favorite band as a group and went and saw them in SF, one of the greatest shows of my life.
  8. Freshman College (00-01): John Mayer - Comfortable. At CCU i discover a new stye of music and love it. This song was close to me because my HS girlfriend and i finally broke up and this was the song i was listening to at the time.
  9. Sophomore College/Engagement (01-02): Ky-mani Marley - Buffalo Soldier. Discovered this great track and it became the theme song for the Lasalle House and all of our YMCA basketball games.
  10. 1st year of marriage (02-03): Edwin McCain - Anything Good About Me. Kassie introduces me to Edwin and I'm hooked!
  11. 2nd year of marriage (03-04): Lumindee - Uh Oh. Kass and I go to Hawaii for our anniversary and this song played on the radio over and over. we still listen to it.
  12. 3rd year of marriage (04-05): Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up. Kassie and I become obsessed with BEP and even get to see them with Gwen Stefani.
  13. 4th year of marriage (05-06): Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead. So i listen to Killing the Dream's ep and realize i miss hardcore/punk. I get back into my roots and this song by Comeback Kid sealed the deal.
  14. 5th year of marriage (06-07): Bebo Norman - I Will Lift My Eyes. I've always listened to Bebo and his latest cd is amazing. We got to see him play a few months back and its one of the few artists that kass and i both get overly excited to see. (the others would be BEP and Edwin McCain).

So there you go, what an interesting list, and it brings back so many great memories. i encourage people to make the same list, you could even post it in the comments section of this blog.

Monday, May 21, 2007

2 Great Albums You Aren't Listening To

so i could list 100 hardcore albums here, or a few good hip-hop/rap albums, a few christian worship albums and about 10 country albums here, but i'm going to tell you the two albums that i've constantly come back to in the last year or so.

Dave Barnes - Brother, Bring the Sun

Matt Wertz - TwentyThreePlaces

These two albums are amazing, seriously, please check them out. If you like John Mayer, Bebo Norman, Shawn McDonald, Jonah Werner, Damien Rice, Derek Webb, or Edwin McCain, you'll like these two albums!

Speaking of Edwin McCain, his album Messengers was a very close third. this album is timeless!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Do You Listen??

Everyone has a reason why they listen to the music that they do.

Not everyone has the passion for music as others do obviously, so maybe music is just background music to their lives or filler whereas some peoples' lives revolve around music.

Lately my friends have been asking me questions like "Why would you continue to put together compilations (Converting Atheists Into Believers) trying to convince people to listen to your style of music?"

I think i can explain it

There is so much music out there. So many artists that people don't know or have never heard of. Sometimes i fear that i'm missing out on a band that i would love. I didn't discover underOATH until about 2 years ago and i totally missed their prime, and that sucks.

When you see someone who is totally passionate about a certain genre of music, they've got a reason, whether its the music itself, the lyrics, the artists, maybe history, maybe liking that band represents something like religion, politics or something else. Most genres i can figure out ya know, like why someone just loves country, or rap. You might not like it, but you can see where someone else might.

That genre for me is the punk/hardcore music that i've been listening to since high school. its comforting to know that no matter what, putting in Good Riddance's Operation Phoenix or underOATH's Chasing Safety that i will enjoy the listening.

This style of music is just energizing. the shows are motivating and intimate. How often do you get to see your favorite band face to face?

I think other people would like aspects of this music too if they gave it a chance.

But still, the one genre i struggle with is this experimental/metal/hardcore stuff like Dillinger Escape Plan or even Zao . I just don't get it. And thats fine as long someone explains it to me someday...alan.

But it all comes back to those individuals that chose to listen to the radio over everything else. do you think that John Mayer is only artist doing that? no, check out Edwin McCain, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Bebo Norman ya know. Is James Blunt talented at all? What about Linkin Park or Puddle of Mud? These artists have huge paychecks and their music seems to lose the passion that got them to the status that they currently have. Another reason why i enjoy underground music.

These artists are trying to do their best so that they can get known. They have something to prove.

James Blunt has nothing to prove, he could put out a crappy record and still sell thousands of records.

I'm not saying those artists are bad on the radio, i'm just saying that there is more out there, you're missing out on some of the greatest artists ever because you haven't either opened up your mind or you're just lazy.

Find the music that makes you happy, in fact, listen to multiple genres, don't close yourself off to anything if you like it just because it isn't cool. Not only do i really enjoy country music, i'm also a big fan of Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Hollowtip, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, DC Talk and others (isaac can 2nd this).

Music makes me happy, spreading music makes me happy so check out the CAIB series and if there's any bands you like, hit me up, i'll give you all the info you can handle.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For All You Haters...

So i was reading an interview by with Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath and they asked him about the new record, The Sufferer and The Witness, being leaked 8 weeks early. His response is a great punk answer and it shows you that the bands really focus on getting people to the shows, haters take note.

"Your record leaked pretty early, any thoughts on that?

I think it leaked 8 weeks prior to its and for the most part no record goes to the release date without leaking anymore- it just happens. The only ones that don’t are records that no one gives a shit about anyway but when I first heard it happened - and it’s kind of like that day when you know it’s going to come eventually. The day it came it was like I remember talking to #2 from Anti-Flag and he said “Tim you know why it doesn’t matter that your record leaked? Because it’s such a fucking awesome record….”

I just want them to hear it. I was reading an interview with Ian MacKaye about downloading, and his quote was “I’d rather have 100 people hear my song than $100 in my pocket.”

That guy sets the bar right?

He totally sets the bar! And he’s right. Is it really worth that $100 in my pocket if 100 people didn’t hear the songs? I want people to hear this record- I think it’s an important record. Our songs are about way more than the schematics of record sales and marketing and all that bullshit. I want people to hear it, I want people to take the time to do all their internet nerd shit to actually find it. Check it out and come out and see us play.

But it goes to show you that even though it’s on the internet people are still going to pick it up. There are still people who want to own records who want the lyrics and everything and feel like supporting the band is important. I could’ve downloaded that new AFI album this morning pretty easily but I went out and bought it instead. I want the artwork, I want the lyrics, I want to see what crazy pictures there are of Davey in it now."

Here's the rest of the interview

Don't you find it interesting that the smaller bands, Rise Against for example, are outspoken about being okay with downloading their music? They understand that they're putting out a quality product and since its quality, you will hopefully pay for a ticket to the show, maybe even buy a shirt.

But the bigger bands, like Metallica for example, are outspoken against downloading saying how it hurts their bottom line.

James Hetfield, Metallica's lead singer, said, "There has to be someone who steps up and represents musicians." So recently, I joined Lars Ulrich, Metallica's drummer, in delivering to Napster the screen names of over 335,000 people who have pirated Metallica's music using Napster. We demanded that Napster prevent those people from copying any more of Metallica's works. Metallica was well aware that fans might not react well. "If this were a popularity contest," Ulrich said, "we might not have done this." [article]

Its not about the bottom line. Its about the music, and if artists can write one or two good songs and fill the rest of their album with crap filler songs and package it up and sell it to kids for $20 and feel like that's the right thing, they're wrong.

I feel like I'm test driving cars, I'm not gonna spend $20 on a band I've never listened to just to find out the album is crap. I'd rather download it for free, and if i think it's quality, I'll go to the show, I'll spread the music on compilations or through websites.

Maybe all this free downloading of music will force bands to actually start producing a quality product again, and stop ripping off the fans.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Comeback Kid on MTV2

okay, so i know i post a lot about Comeback Kid, well, it's because they are my favorite band.


That might change very soon.

All my life I've mulled over the label "sellout", and what bands actually deserve that. First it was Blink-182, then it was H2o going to MCA Records and so on. but as I've gotten older, and seen my former favorite band, AFI, go almost totally pop, I've tried to rethink the label.

Now you can vote for Comeback Kid on MTV2. This band, from Canada, played almost one of the smallest venues in Denver last year. No one really knows who they are except the kids in the hardcore scene, and Chris Deulen who accidentally bought their cd and hated it.

But anyway, apparently they're catching momentum and now have a big enough fan base to tour with Rise Against and play at Red Rocks. i don't get it.

i wish i was in a band so i could not make these decisions. i hope my good friends in Killing the Dream never get on MTV, though, i don't think that will be a problem unless they come out with MTV-Hardcore, but they won't.

Hardcore is totally a fad right now, hopefully it'll blow over, it seems like some of us are always running away from these genres as they pick up steam, i think I've run full circle now that Pennywise, Good Riddance and other punk bands have taken a backseat to Hardcore/Post-Hardcore bands.

but i digress, Comeback Kid on cable? lame. I'm seriously looking for a band to fill this void that CBK has left, maybe Life in Your Way or Sinking Ships. I just love seeing great bands in small venues, and now it seems that Comeback Kid won't be playing anywhere small again.

Is this really what Scott Wade would have wanted? What about the fans?

Monday, April 30, 2007

519 Show with The View From Here

Hey guys, it's finally happened.

I've been pushing for us to play with good friends, The View From Here, and Aaron finally put it together.

The show is at JC's Ground Coffeehouse in Denver. Its a Christian backed coffee house, and its super nice. We played there once before as a 3-piece acoustic set, but we should be rockin everyone this time.

Anyway, we're currently recording some new material so we'll get to roadtest that stuff, and you'll also get to hear TVFH's new stuff, they're almost finished recorded they latest stuff.

so please come check it out, its gonna be a fun night at a cool venue. This is one of places that you should bring anyone you know.

Check our myspace page or TVFH's page for showtime info.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Chasing Victory show Recap


First show I've ever walked out of during the set of the band i came to see.

Who records a hardcore sounding album and then plays the songs 2-3 bbm slower live? people weren't hardcore dancing in the crowd, they were swing dancing. I'm not lying. it was embarrassing.

i heard 5 songs and that was enough. no energy, just boring, and disappointing.

On top of that, Chasing Victory has a new cd coming out May 8th titled Chasing Victory describes the cd as STP-esque (as in Stone Temple Pilots). Who makes that album?

The last time i was let down by a band would have Faced in 2000 after their final and terrible release Pulling Teeth.

SILVER LINING: I got to the show as doors opened knowing that Chasing Victory was playing early in the set. the first band Life In Your Way, were playing and they blew me away. solid hardcore with some great choruses and positive message. My friend Jeremy had just given me a cd with a bunch of bands on it and apparently Life In Your Way was on it, therefore, it was on my ipod. so that was cool. i got to check them out on the way home!

anyway, Chasing Victory, terrible,

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rise Against/Comeback Kid tour coming to Denver

And to the worst possible venue for a punk show....Red Rocks!

man, i almost cried when i read this last night.

It was bad enough to know that Comeback Kid had decided to jump on the tour with a band as big as Rise Against.

I was holding out hope, this originally was only a Canadian tour, so i figured they'd do a US tour late summer and headline.


Apparently Comeback Kid is losing their heads and now they're playing huge venues. What the hell are you going to do at Red Rocks? do they even have a place up front for people to stand? man, this is crappy.

Last year i saw Comeback Kid twice, once with Ignite and Sinking Ships at the Marquis Theater and again, at Cervantes Ballroom with Murphy's Law. They headlined the show with Ignite and it went off! Those venues are small and intimate so it was really intense.

Comeback is my favorite band, but i don't know if I'm gonna drop the cash to hang out with a bunch of sophomore girls chanting for Swing Life Away from Rise Against. in fact, I'm gonna "rise against" this show!

imagine this (Wake the Dead - CBK) at Red Rocks

Friday, April 20, 2007

Positive/Christian Hardcore specs

So I've been working on this project for a week or so and today i decided i wanted to look further into what these bands actually believe. Click on the band name for lyrics to their songs and discussions on the meanings. Click here to see the compilation song list and listen to the tracks.

UnderOATH - These guys hail from Florida, and they've set the Post Hardcore scene on fire. Very outspoken believers and almost always take a few moments in their live performances to thank God for their blessings.

Chasing Victory - a new band on the scene, Chasing Victory is on a label known to promote Christian bands, and there lyrics appear to be very well written and much more in-depth than they appear (see song Oceans Away).

Comeback Kid - CBK is a hardcore band with a defining positive message. Although not a "Christian Band", CBK has members from Figure Four who is an outspoken christian band. CBK's message is geared more towards unity, and fighting through hardship along with being aware of the battles around us.

Emery - Outspoken Christians in a band that fights the label of Christian Band.

Stretch Arm Strong - These punk rockers from the east coast have put out numerous records on christian label Tooth & Nail. Their songs preach their beliefs in the open and they continue to tour with some of the most proven hardcore bands out there.

Dead Poetic - Another Post-Hardcore band that doesn't hide their beliefs in the lyrics. DP are outspoken believers.

Thrice - Aapparently the lead singer,is a true believer, and he shows it in his lyrics but since the entire band isn't all christian, they refuse to let themselves be labelled a Christian Band.

Destroy the Runner - New metal/hardcore band that is on a label known to promote Christian bands.

Haste the Day - These guys have a unique sound, and are very outspoken about their beliefs in interviews and in concerts.

Means - Great new hardcore band with a blatant message off their debut album. These guys probably have the most powerful sound combined with lyrics that show the love of Christ.

No Innocent Victim -Their band acronym is NIV, and these veterans have been around forever. These guys got popular around the time P.O.D. came out, but their sound was too heavy for the mainstream.

The Showdown - New metal band with a christian twist, give it a shot, its fun.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sights and Sounds (CBK side project)

Last night i found out that the lead singer of Comeback Kid, Andrew Neufield, has a side project called Sights and Sounds with his brother and some friends. The sound is more melodic, almost to a Post-Hardcore feel and so far, they've released a 6 song ep that I'm still trying to get ahold of.

Comeback Kid just released their third album, Broadcasting, in February. The album is the first with Andrew singing vocals after the unexpected departure of Scott Wade last summer. Andrew has experience as a lead vocalist though after being the front man for Figure Four.

Broadcasting is a great album, very heavy and tough sounding and great energy. You can really get the sense that the bands guitar work continues to improve with each album.

CBK is currently touring with This is Hell to everywhere but Denver, then will hook up with Rise Against to do a Canadian tour this summer.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges 2007

So Haste the Day just released their 3rd album titled Pressure the Hinges, and man it rocks!!

I've slowly become a Haste fan, but its taken a lot of listening. These Christian rockers have a great mix of hardcore sound with screaming vocals and some melodic sing alongs, but this new record breaks the mold.

The first two albums, Burning Bridges '04 and When Everything Falls '05 were straightforward; one beat (fast), typical breakdowns, screamo singing with a sing along chorus. very predictable. good, but predictable.

Already on this new album, the first 2 actual tracks, Pressure the Hinges and Minor Prophets, they've changed speeds to a little slower rock beat, the screaming in much more quality sounding. It almost sounds like a new singer all together, wait, it is. Original singer, Jack Ryan got married in December and therefore quit the band. The new guy Stephen Keech is the former singer of New Day Awakening. I like both dudes, but this new is a good change of pace.

So far, the Oracle comes across as my first favorite song. Heavy breakdown early in the song and an actual guitar solo in the bridge. Also, this song is great to sing along with.

Servant Ties really sounds like the old Haste, chugga chug drum beat right off the bat and heavy singing. Great breakdown. The old schoolers should like this one.

In the end, this is 13 tracks of a new Haste the Day. i personally really like the new refined sound, great energy and positive lyrics. I hope everyone will give this record a chance, especially if you've listened to Haste the Day before and didn't like them. Lately a bands 3rd album has sucked (think Dead Poetic, Thrice, Underoath, Rise Against...) but these guys have put out what i will listen to the most.