Monday, April 30, 2007

519 Show with The View From Here

Hey guys, it's finally happened.

I've been pushing for us to play with good friends, The View From Here, and Aaron finally put it together.

The show is at JC's Ground Coffeehouse in Denver. Its a Christian backed coffee house, and its super nice. We played there once before as a 3-piece acoustic set, but we should be rockin everyone this time.

Anyway, we're currently recording some new material so we'll get to roadtest that stuff, and you'll also get to hear TVFH's new stuff, they're almost finished recorded they latest stuff.

so please come check it out, its gonna be a fun night at a cool venue. This is one of places that you should bring anyone you know.

Check our myspace page or TVFH's page for showtime info.

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