Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rise Against/Comeback Kid tour coming to Denver

And to the worst possible venue for a punk show....Red Rocks!

man, i almost cried when i read this last night.

It was bad enough to know that Comeback Kid had decided to jump on the tour with a band as big as Rise Against.

I was holding out hope, this originally was only a Canadian tour, so i figured they'd do a US tour late summer and headline.


Apparently Comeback Kid is losing their heads and now they're playing huge venues. What the hell are you going to do at Red Rocks? do they even have a place up front for people to stand? man, this is crappy.

Last year i saw Comeback Kid twice, once with Ignite and Sinking Ships at the Marquis Theater and again, at Cervantes Ballroom with Murphy's Law. They headlined the show with Ignite and it went off! Those venues are small and intimate so it was really intense.

Comeback is my favorite band, but i don't know if I'm gonna drop the cash to hang out with a bunch of sophomore girls chanting for Swing Life Away from Rise Against. in fact, I'm gonna "rise against" this show!

imagine this (Wake the Dead - CBK) at Red Rocks

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Isaac Michael Mohamed Chase said...

are you kidding me? that sucks big time. like they are even gonna fill red rocks. i bet the tickets will be like $50. I'm pissed. this means the next time rise against comes to town, they will probably be playing the freakin' pepsi center.