Friday, April 6, 2007

Bouncing Souls are comin' to town

So my homie Drew called me up yesterday to tell me that he heard on the radio that the Souls were coming, so i looked into it and it's true.

Friday, May 11 the Bouncing Souls will be playing at the Fillmore Auditorium with Single File, P.O.S. (which might be the weirdest/crappiest sounds I've ever heard) and Denver's own Love Me Destroyer.
So this appears to be the worst lineup possible for a Fillmore show, especially since tickets to the Fillmore are usually out the roof! Both POS (Piece of Sh!t) and Single File sound terrible. I like Love Me Destroyer, but not that much. So who knows, I'll probably skip this show if the ticket is more than $20.

As for now the only info i could find was on their homepage, and on the Fillmore's homepage where you can buy tickets.

If you haven't listened to the Souls, they have been around forever and they're hilarious live. The first punk show i ever went was at the El Dorado Saloon with Mustard Plug, Bouncing Souls and the Pietasters. These guys hold a special place with me.

So check em out!

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Isaac Michael Mohamed Chase said...

the souls are awesome live, ticket prices are not awesome. if i was a money man, i would be there. I saw these guys back in '02 by myself i think but it was still a great show.