Thursday, April 12, 2007

Positive Hardcore

I just uploaded a playlist to that includes songs from christian and/or positive hardcore bands. Some people really shy away from the Christian label on music, but trust me, this isn't DC Talk.

Anyway, don't be scared to check it out, you might already be listening to one of these bands and not even know that they're Christians. Most of these bands would fit into the category "Christian's in a Band" instead of actually Christian music.

Either way, i think the positive spin on hardcore is what separates this style of music from Buttrock. A lot of the stuff you hear on the radio is so depressing or negative and its great to listen to underoath or Comeback Kid sing songs about sticking together and the positive things in life.

so i hope you check it out

1 comment:

Isaac Michael Mohamed Chase said...

I checked it, pretty sweet. whats wrong with DC talk? we're just 2 honks, and a negro, praisin the lord.