Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sights and Sounds (CBK side project)

Last night i found out that the lead singer of Comeback Kid, Andrew Neufield, has a side project called Sights and Sounds with his brother and some friends. The sound is more melodic, almost to a Post-Hardcore feel and so far, they've released a 6 song ep that I'm still trying to get ahold of.

Comeback Kid just released their third album, Broadcasting, in February. The album is the first with Andrew singing vocals after the unexpected departure of Scott Wade last summer. Andrew has experience as a lead vocalist though after being the front man for Figure Four.

Broadcasting is a great album, very heavy and tough sounding and great energy. You can really get the sense that the bands guitar work continues to improve with each album.

CBK is currently touring with This is Hell to everywhere but Denver, then will hook up with Rise Against to do a Canadian tour this summer.

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