Saturday, December 22, 2007

Album of the Year

Massive post here, i took my time with this one. i gotta say, it was a good year for music, despite what MTv says.

Here are my top 10 favorite albums of 2007, in order, though, not much really separates number 10 from number 1.

also, after the list, i also listed the worst albums of 2007, in my eyes

10. the Almost - Southern Weather: This a great album, led by , the drummer from underOATH. a great mix of worship and rock, with really no bad songs on the entire album. a few songs that stick out would be Southern Weather, Amzing Because It Is, and Say This Sooner.

9. the Robbie Seay Band - Give It All Away: The sophomore effort from Robbie Seay and his humble band. These guys are still under the radar, somehow, but should be full-fledged Christian music all-stars soon enough. This album features more smooth songs from RSB with a maturing sound from the first album. A good dose of sequencing mixed with raspy vocals, but my favorite talent in the band is still the bass playing.

8. Life In Your Way - Waking Giants: Solid State's bright rising stars LIYW third album is easily their best. Very heavy hardcore/progressive music with some great honesty in the lyrics. While most hardcore/post-hardcore bands are getting away with very artsy lyrics to maybe hide their faith or disguise it, LIYW kicks your face in with songs like Salty Grave and Threads of Sincerity. Keep your eye on these guys.

7. Means - Sending You Strength: Just like LIYW, Means is very heavy, and very straight-forward. This album really never lets up at all, every songs has a great breakdown, and great lyrics with songs like Throw Open the Gates, Connected, and Sending You Strength

6. The Glorious Unseen - Tonite the Stars Speak: This is a surprising album released late in 2007. A straight-forward worship album coming from a band with connections throughout the hardcore community. Instead of following the path lead by Third Day and David Crowder, these guys are opening shows for underOATH and other hardcore acts. this album, as i stated in an earlier review, has some great writing, just awesome lyrics, raw and fresh.

5. Anberlin - Cities: Anberlin is really picking up steam, you can hear them on the radio out here in Denver now. I've seen them twice in the last 12 months and they are the best live show i've seen. Cities was a huge improvement from their first two albums, not to say they were bad, this is just an awesomely written album. good fast energy songs like Godspeed countered with thoughtful, artsy songs like Unwinding Cable Car, Stephen Christian and Anberlin are cruising towards some huge popularity.

4. Shane & Shane - Pages: This is like the 104th release from Shane and company, but i think its their best. This album didn't receive the great reviews i expected from my friends, but i really felt like these two took a different perspective in the song writing. the music is not a radical change from previous albums, but the lyrics are very fresh and new, songs like Over the Sun, Burn Us Up and Beg.

3. Oh Sleeper - When I Am A God: Solid State's newboys, this album is epic. It's only been out for a few months, but i can't stop listening to it. its sounds very much like older underoath so some listeners might not be terribly impressed. much different from underoath is the lyrics, which sound more like a call to arms. Epic songs include Vices like Vipers, The Siren's Song, and I Welcome the Reaping.

2. Kanye West - Graduation: Oh man, far and away the best album from Kanye, and the best hip-hop album of the year. i can't believe 50 Cent thought he could compete with this. if this is a result of a competition, then Kanye is the Reggie Miller of music. what is very rare for a rap album, there are only 2 weak songs and no stupid skits between tracks. i can't even pick songs out, every track sounds like a single, and probably will be.

1. Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges: This album is relentless. This is the first album for the new singer, but Haste's third album overall. everyone i talk to loves the new and improved sound and this album is still in my car even though it came out in February. this is one of those reliable albums that no matter what mood you're in, pop this in and you'll be great. every track is good, but a few that stand out would be Stitches, Needles, and White Collar.

Honorable Mention:

Common - Finding Forever
the Higher - On Fire
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting
Colbie Caillat - Coco
Bayside - The Walking Wounded
As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life
As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep
Alicia Keys - As I Am
Anchors for Arms - Listen.React
A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart

Albums that Disappoint:

Chasing Victory - Fiends
Mae - Singularity
Kelly Clarkson - My December
Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long
David Crowder - Remedy
Crime in Stereo - Is Dead
Smoke or Fire - The Sinking Ship
Emery - I'm Only a Man
Blaqk Audio - Cex Cells
Big & Rich - Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cities only made 5th and no meniton of Rise Against. Yes, they are mainstream and could be considered a "sale-out" band however they are genious.

Back to Anberlin...Come on, it is EPIC. From the intro to the childrens choir...

I don't care, they stepped up and deserve at least a 3rd spot position.

Lastly, take Kanye out of the mix and throw him into your top 5 hip-hop list of the year...

BMer916 said...

First of all, Rise Against's - Sufferer and the Witness came out in 2006, and i would have put it on my biggest letdown list. it was a majorstep down from Siren Song.

Anberlin's Cities is epic, i have to admit, and putting it 5th was hard, but it is what it is.

Kanye's album is amazing, i don't care what list it's on