Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fans of old-school christian punk rawk

Slick Shoes is back together

Thats pretty crazy, these dudes must be like 40 yrs old. its the original lineup and everything. if you haven't heard of slickshoes, think MxPx - Life in General. These dudes were fast, poppy and solid, so it'll be good to hear the next album. their last album came out in 2003.


Oh, and if you think my blog is just a rehash of , you'd be happy to know that of teh 10 editors, and the reads picks for top 20 albums, that'd be 220 separate picks, my top 15 weren't matched with any of them. in fact, a few editors cited Crime in Stereo's - Is Dead as a top pick, and well, that album is terrible. just thought you'd know, go to to see all of their picks.

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Falling off the Grid said...

no way, i thought they were done. i liked a couple of their songs, but i was never a big fan. Too much like NUFAN, no offense bmer.