Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CAIB vol. 7

Okay, i finished my latest installment of Converting Atheists Into Believers, this is a good one. This one isn't as heavy as some before it, but none-the-less it's epic.

Remember to listen to it in order, i spend as much time selecting the songs as i do the order of them, and give each song a chance, there are some great breakdowns later in some tracks.

and listen to it loud, really loud, with some good low-end, some of the drumming is awesome and hardcore isn't meant to be listened to quietly.

Please give me some feedback on anything, favorite tracks, weak tracks, questions about the bands or whatever, i love feedback!!


1 Intro-300
2 Along for the Ride-Down to Nothing
3 Symptoms of a Failing System-Our Last Night
4 All In A Year-Comeback Kid
5 Nothing Left-As I Lay Dying
6 the Minor Prophets-Haste the Day
7 You Always Said-With Honor
8 Drones-Rise Against
9 Patty Hearst Syndrome-Smoke or Fire
10 All Night Long-Lifetime
11 Secret Weapon-MxPx
12 Always There-Slickshoes
13 Suffer the Kids-Broadway Calls
14 Unwinding Cable Car-Anberlin
15 Edinboro-theAudition
16 Party Song-Emery
17 How to Rape a Country-A Change of Pace
18 State of Massachusetts-Dropkick Murphys
19 Not Without a Purpose-Streetdogs
20 Abandon Ship-the Gallows
21 We Don't Believe-Life In Your Way
22 Fists Up-Last of the Believers
23 Learning to be Brave-Means
24 The Siren's Song-Oh, Sleeper
25 Iscariot-Reign Supreme
26 Squall-Shipwreck A.D.
27 Screaming at the Moon-Modern Life is War

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