Thursday, June 7, 2007

Songs of my Life

So i decided to make a list of the songs that were the most impactful relating to that season of my life. Instead of going year by year, i went by school years ya know, like 04-05 to 05-06. anyway, this was a really fun list to make, thinking back to high school and even jr high and what i was listening to at the time. so here it is: The Songs of My Life

  1. 6th Grade (1993-1994): Boyz II Men - Thank You. My first CD player, and my first CD
  2. 7th Grade (94-95): Garth Brooks - If Tomorrow Never Comes. I played this in the jukebox at Round Table Pizza every time we went there
  3. 8th Grade (95-96): Skankin' Pickle - Fakin Jamaican. A quick ska phase thanks to Lindsay Strannigan and Shep Sheppard
  4. 9th Grade (96-97): MxPx - Chick Magnet. Guiltripp was formed and we covered this song, it was like the first song we learned
  5. 10th Grade (97-98): Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Hero. My punk years begin with a sampler from Hellcat Records, and seeing the Murphys at Bo Jangles
  6. 11th Grade (98-99): Straight Faced - Against. I loved these guys in High School, everyone had their band and mine was Straight Faced.
  7. 12th Grade (99-00): AFI - Malleus Maleficarum. AFI was our favorite band as a group and went and saw them in SF, one of the greatest shows of my life.
  8. Freshman College (00-01): John Mayer - Comfortable. At CCU i discover a new stye of music and love it. This song was close to me because my HS girlfriend and i finally broke up and this was the song i was listening to at the time.
  9. Sophomore College/Engagement (01-02): Ky-mani Marley - Buffalo Soldier. Discovered this great track and it became the theme song for the Lasalle House and all of our YMCA basketball games.
  10. 1st year of marriage (02-03): Edwin McCain - Anything Good About Me. Kassie introduces me to Edwin and I'm hooked!
  11. 2nd year of marriage (03-04): Lumindee - Uh Oh. Kass and I go to Hawaii for our anniversary and this song played on the radio over and over. we still listen to it.
  12. 3rd year of marriage (04-05): Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up. Kassie and I become obsessed with BEP and even get to see them with Gwen Stefani.
  13. 4th year of marriage (05-06): Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead. So i listen to Killing the Dream's ep and realize i miss hardcore/punk. I get back into my roots and this song by Comeback Kid sealed the deal.
  14. 5th year of marriage (06-07): Bebo Norman - I Will Lift My Eyes. I've always listened to Bebo and his latest cd is amazing. We got to see him play a few months back and its one of the few artists that kass and i both get overly excited to see. (the others would be BEP and Edwin McCain).

So there you go, what an interesting list, and it brings back so many great memories. i encourage people to make the same list, you could even post it in the comments section of this blog.


Falling off the Grid said...

6th grade - paul revere by the beastie boys, started to listen to my own music instead of wee sing bible songs

7th grade - bad habit by the offspring, first song with swear words, very first exposure to punk

8th grade - pepper by the butthole surfers, for some reason, this became our beach theme song

9th grade - adonai by the supertones, first punk/ska show and i was hooked for good

10th grade - MXPX life in general, the entire album, this was me trying to become more punk, without any real guidance (there were no punks in claremont NH)

11th grade - something must break by 90 pound wuss, my first intro to anything related to hardcore punk

12th grade - generator by bad religion, this captured the energy of my last year of high school and my desire to get the hell out of NH

1st year of college - journey to the end of east bay by rancid. brian remembers me playing this riff endlessly on my bass.

2nd year of college - sing along with the patriotic punks by death by stereo and midwest swing by the saint lunatics, thanks brian

3rd year of college - sanctuary by sick of it all. nothing much to say here, just that i can still listen to this song on a loop and totally get pumped

4th year of college/1st year of marraige - st mary by rancid, best concert of my life, rancid and tiger army, st mary was the climax in the pit

2nd year married to jen/first year as a father - blue umbrella by john prine, captured a lot of serious the seriousness of my feelings that year

3rd year married to jen/2nd year as a father - radio by rancid covered by NOFX, used to sing this to isaiah at his bedtime, left out the f-word of course....

4th year married to jen/3rd year as a father - better together by jack johnson, captures my growing love for jen and also is so relaxing i could fall asleep anywhere listening to that song.

Bren said...

I love Round Table.

Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable said...

Sweet, I'm game:

6th grade - 8th grade: Shit that would scare the bejeebus out of you, so I won't even list it.

9th grade - MxPx Pokinatcha, the whole album. Made me realize everything else I owned sounded like shit.

10th grade - Where Were All of You by Poor Old Lu (as close as I ever got to grunge) This band also made me become the fine drummer I am today.

11th grade - Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate (my first emo band)

12th grade - Lullaby by Pedro the Lion and Pink Triangle by Weezer
(Played Good Riddance by Greenday at my high school graduation...the title was fitting)

Freshman Year - Forget Me by the Promise Ring and Poughkeepsie by Over the Rhine

Sophmore year - Marigold & Patchwork by the Appleseed Cast, still one of the greatest songs ever!
(I also spent a lot of time using If These Scars Could Speak by Zao to demo stereos for circuit city customers :)

Junior year - Table For Glasses by Jimmy Eat World (will the emo madness ever end?) and After the Eulogy/Across Five Years by Boy Sets Fire (thank you Bmer)

Senior year A - Disconnected by Face to Face, this song came out of the blue and took me over
(I also spent a lot of time playing I Decided by R. Kelley - with the speakers pointed at the neighbors below)

Senior year B - kindof a blah year, nothing standoutish, played norah jones and fear before the march of flames a lot.

Engagement - My wife gave me an excuse to live out my closeted Jewel fetish

Marriage year 1 - January 1979 by mewithoutYou (to the wife's dismay)

Marriage year 2 - AFI Summer Shudder (especially seconds :22-:24) and EVERYTHING by Hem and Rosie Thomas