Monday, May 21, 2007

2 Great Albums You Aren't Listening To

so i could list 100 hardcore albums here, or a few good hip-hop/rap albums, a few christian worship albums and about 10 country albums here, but i'm going to tell you the two albums that i've constantly come back to in the last year or so.

Dave Barnes - Brother, Bring the Sun

Matt Wertz - TwentyThreePlaces

These two albums are amazing, seriously, please check them out. If you like John Mayer, Bebo Norman, Shawn McDonald, Jonah Werner, Damien Rice, Derek Webb, or Edwin McCain, you'll like these two albums!

Speaking of Edwin McCain, his album Messengers was a very close third. this album is timeless!

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Falling off the Grid said...

I am a closet dave barnes fan