Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The View From Here - R.I.P.?

So my good friends in The View From Here might be calling it quits

The group has posted a blog on their myspace page informing the people that guitarist and Nicolas Cage impostor, John Zanette, has left the band to move to Portland, Oregon with his wife. The band hasn't confirmed that this spells the end but knowing the guys and the fact that they've been together since at least 2002 (formed from the ashes of The Ukraine), i don't see them finding a new guitarist.

Justin, lead singer and vox, is the Director of Worship at Lookout Mountain Church and i know he's super busy, and Tahoe recently bought a new house with his wife that is a lot of work, see here.

Anyway, these guys have put in a ton of hard work in the recent years trying to make a name for themselves and they're just part of a recent run of semi-successful musicians to come out of Colorado Christian University (Meese, Brian Davis, Josh Dykstra, Flowers for Algernon, 519...), and John Zanette was no exception, i wish him luck in Oregon, he will be missed.

John's last show will be this Friday at the Garage in Arvada. Doors open at 6p.

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Anne said...

Everyone come to the show! And don't worry, no amount of home renovations can keep Tahoe from playing music.