Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Edwin Owns!

So just as i had predicted, Edwin owned last night. He's the best singer/songwriter/story teller of this generation and yet, he still seems undiscovered.

The Soiled Dove Underground is a pretty nice venue, everyone is super close to the stage, the sound was good, and despite not having chairs for everyone who was general admission, Kass was still able to grab a seat.

The opening act was pretty weak, some dude named Jason Villegas or something. He had a great voice, pretty generic guitar riffs and weak lyrics. Everyone song was sung about "You", and most of the songs started off sounding like an Adam Sandler song with palm mutes and short, choppy words.

Anyway, it only made Edwin sound that much better. I'm not gonna spend a bunch of time telling you all of the details because, well, i feel like i already have told you so many good things about Edwin.

So here's a short recap. He brought his percussionist, Kenny Smith, and a lead guitar dude, plus Craig (horns) so we got to hear a few different songs that he usually doesn't play like See Off This Mountain and Go Be Young. I just love how Edwin tells the stories behind the songs, and its not long-winded, but usually humorous, he has really good timing and knows when the audience would rather hear some music rather than talk.

anyway, here's the songs he play, not in any order, my memory isn't that good:

Darwin's Children

Go Be Young

See Off This Mountain

Sign on the Door

Lost in America

Gramercy Park Hotel

Shooting Stars

Could Not Ask For More

I'll Be

One Thing Left To Do

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