Thursday, August 30, 2007

Punk Rock Fight Club

I was reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone because there was an article titled "Punk Rock Fight Club". i read the very in-depth article and if you're a fan of punk/hardcore, you should read it as well

Punk Rock Fight Club

The link above will send you to a video slide show recap of the article so you'll have to read the article in the actual magazine.

The topic centers around hardcore gang FSU, which originated in Boston. Some of the bands mentioned in the article include Blood for Blood and Death Before Dishonor. The article really hit home for me not because i'm part of some violent gang, but because my friends and i growing up saw some of this in the scene.

Killing the Dream

These gangs basically come down to racist stance, whereas you're either a racist Nazi or not. FSU basically seeks out Nazi's and fight them. When i say Nazi people think they're not around, or they're in Germany or something, but in the scene the term Nazi refers to anyone who is racist on any platform. So one stories involved a kid who was beaten to death because he was wearing a shirt with a Confederate Flag on it and wouldn't take it off.

For people not into the hardcore scene this article might seem a little over the top but it surely isn't. Not every show is violent, but i've seen small glimpses of the violence referred to here. i've lived in Sacramento and Denver, and both scenes aren't nearly as violent or traditional as say Boston, New Jersey or Los Angeles.

On the other hand, not all hardcore is violent. A new genre of hardcore has been taking over since 2000 with an ultra-positive theme. Bands like Blood for Blood, Madball, Agnostic Front... are getting old and the new hardcore bands are taking over with their lyrics of positivity, anti-violence, straight-edge and unity. These bands include Sinking Ships, Comeback Kid, Crime in Stereo, Rise Against, and many others.

I'm getting older by the day, and i'm certainly no expert on hardcore, but this article definitely sheds light on the dark side of hardcore, the side that made me nervous at some shows growing up (Bo Jangles anyone).

I would really recommend reading this article to anyone, especially those who think gang violence only involves Tupac and Biggie Smalls.


Tahoe said...

I read that article. It simultaneously gave me a desire and a loathing for a scene like that.

P.s. Haste is playing on Friday night in the Springs. I'll only go if you go with me.

Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable said...

Ha, reminds me of SLC Punk :)

I have been to some crazy shows when I was in Denver. I especially remember this thug at a lot of the FBTMF shows with BASEBALL size gay-jez, wholly mackeral was he fierce. So much so that Theo and I hid behind a bunch of girls.

I'm going to see Bad Religion in a bit and I'll let you know what the scoop is on NJ hcx'ers