Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Show Recap: Killing the Dream


What a great show. Killing the Dream have really improved their live show since last time they came through denver (2006?). Everything that was bad about the last time they came through was so much better this time.

i was going to write a long in-depth review but hey, i'll just say that it was amazing, very responsive crowd, great setlist, and even an encore which is pretty unusual for a hardcore show. KTD played January 2nd after chants of "One more song, one more song".

even a fight broke out after the show, between 2 girls over myspace comments (i'm not lying, ask Tahoe or Isaac!). i got punched in the face, not by the girls, but i recovered well. here are some pics:

picking up the pieces
where the heart is
we're all dead-ends
part II (motel art)
rough draft
before you fall asleep
everything but everything
four years too late

january 2nd

so good

I'm wearing a red shirt:

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