Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Opinion

I don't usually watch the Grammy's, but this year i decided to in anticipation of some good live performances. I don't have any expectations of the awards since music is so subjective and apparently the judges don't actually listen to much of the music.

Here are just a few thoughts i had about the show, apparently not agreeing with my homie Aaron about much of the show.

My favorite performance was Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles can really sing and if you aren't listening to Sugarland, you need to be! I liked how after their song, Stay, she joined British singer Adele for her hit song. It sounded great.

My second favorite was Carrie Underwood. I don't really know much about her except that according to Aaron she is awesome. I thought her performance had the most energy of the night, which is saying something since everyone in audience is sitting and not really getting involved. Her performance looked even better in contrast to the next performer, Kid Rock, who was terrible, as usual.

I really like the Coldplay stuff, first playing my favorite song Lost! with a verse from Jay-Z which sounded incredible. Then playing Viva La Vida which i really enjoy watching them perform.

I thought the Stevie Wonder/Jonas Brothers thing was cool, it would have been awesome without the Jonas Brothers though, they're tools. Speaking of tools, Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond were also boring, sorry, they're old and they should just stop.

The hip-hop for the night did not live up to expectations. Swagger Like Us is a cool song, but unless you really know the song or rap in general, it never goes over well live. I'm not a fan a Lil Wayne either, so his exposure for the night didn't excite me. The only rap performance i liked was T.I. and Justin Timberlake, and Kanye with Estelle.

Other weird things i didn't like/understand was Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, that was terrible, Radiohead was good but i still don't get it, the BB King/John Mayer stuff had potential, but you couldn't really hear the individual guitarists, and it was really short and jumbled. the Four Tops bit was awful.

Any thing else that happened during the evening was probably too boring for me to remember. oh, and Blink-182: apparently nobody cares dudes, sorry.

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