Tuesday, August 4, 2009

5 Questions with Ben Crist (Glorious Unseen)

After Sonshine i was in contact with Ben Crist from Glorious Unseen about a few different things. in the midst of our email chatting i decided to ask him a few questions, so here they are:

BMER: I noticed at Sonshine you guys played How He Loves, a song written by John Mcmillan, which you guys recorded on your new album The Hope That Lies In You. I also noticed that the David Crowder Band played the same song later in the evening, and has it posted on their Myspace page. You guys have already covered Oh Praise Him from the DCB, any connection between the bands? i noticed David Crowder was side-stage for most of your Sonshine Set.

BEN: Yeah, it's kinda more accidental than intentional. Originally, we were thinking of cover songs we might like to do for that first record - and Oh Praise Him was the only one that actually worked out. So that was cool. But yeah now the How He Loves thing I think both us and Crowder recorded it before we knew the other was also doing it. We've been doing that song for a long time at our church - and have really loved doing it, and since it had never really been cut by any artist that had given it great exposure - we decided to do it on the record... And Crowder loves the song too and I think had the same idea... We're friends with him and have played some fests and shows with him before..

2. Right now you can pre-order the new Glorious Unseen album, The Hope That Lies In You, at www.musiChristian.com for $6.77, a pretty cool deal. Their description of your band however struck me as funny; "Some would compare the style to Coldplay’s Chris Martin mixed with the harder edge of Underoath". how do you feel about that?

Yeah, I think whoever was writing that review just kinda needed to do a little name-dropping and didn't really have time to really listen to the record... I can see the similarity to Chris Martin sometimes, but we definitely don't sound much like Underoath haha...

3. Do you guys like playing festivals more or individual shows?

They're all great - but fests are really fun a lot of times cause we get to see a lot of friends!

4. As a worship band, what other worship bands are you guys into these days?

The Ember Days, Ascend the Hill, LoveLite, and Leeland are my current favorites...

5. On Tooth & Nail Records, a label known for more punk/hardcore bands, what bands do you actually enjoy listening to? I noticed your Comeback Kid hoodie at Sonshine, are you following the trend from punk/hardcore to more metal-based bands like Oh Sleeper and Haste the Day?

My fav bands on T&N are August Burns Red, Oh Sleeper, Advent, and underoath..

Catch the Glorious Unseen at Heavenfest in north Denver on Saturday August 8th.

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