Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Almost have a creative idea for CDs

Christian rock band The Almost is releasing their 2nd album this November, it will be titled Monster, Monster. This will be the follow-up to the very successful debut album Southern Weather. In case you live under a rock, The Almost was formed by underOATH drummer Aaron Gillespie (and he's still in underOATH as well).

Here is the press release about the new album and it's creative idea:

The album (Monster, Monster) is slated for release on Nov. 3, but will be preceded by a Limited Edition special five-track EP entitled the Monster EP, featuring three album cuts and two B-sides. The EP will be available on Oct. 6 exclusively at Hot Topic stores, the band’s website, as well as on the band’s upcoming tour. The Monster EP will come in a special two-disc digi-pack, with a choice of five different covers. In an unprecedented new model for music delivery, EMI and Hot Topic will offer this Limited Edition EP packaging, which includes one disc with the EP’s music and a second blank CD with Monster Monster’s full-length artwork, lyrics and printed track listing on the physical CD, but no music. Fans will be able to download every song through a special promotional code on the day of actual physical release, Nov. 3, from the MP3, merch and editorial site ( ), which is a division of Hot Topic, Inc. The version streeting on Nov. 3 will not include the special five-cover packaging or the Limited Edition EP.


Jeff said...

I guess I must live under a rock...

BMer916 said...

Jeff, you should check out The Almost, you might like them, they're solid and they don't sound like underoath at all