Thursday, November 5, 2009

Metal Mix addendum

So apparently my Metal Mix was a little bit of a hit, as in more than my inner circle of 3 friends downloaded it and listened to it. so, with my new found success, i decided to add 10 tracks to the mix.

Basically, the original mix was made up of mostly smaller bands, most of them unsigned. i don't want a new listener (of metalcore or heavy music) not to hear from the bands that are setting the standard. so with that i added 10 tracks from bands who are headlining all of these major tours, signed by reputable labels, and/or are in the top 10 on TRL (is that still on TV these days?).

here's the track list:


1. (intro) As I Lay Dying - Separation: Christian metal. Metal Blade Records. this is the standard in Christian metal today

2. As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth: see above.

3. The Devil Wears Prada - Dez Moines: Christian metalcore. Ferret Records.

4. Thirty and Seven - August Burns Red: Christian metalcore/mathcore. Solid State Records.

5. War of Ages - All Consuming Fire: Christian hardcore/metal. Facedown Records.

6. Haste The Day - Resolve: Christian metalcore. Solid State Records. Currently my favorite band.

7. Oh Sleeper - Son of the Morning: Christian metalcore. Solid State Records. my other favorite band right now, this track is off their latest album, a concept album.

8. UnderOATH - Anyone Can Dig a Hole...: Christian metalcore. Tooth & Nail Records. the O.G.'s of the game, this is the band that everyone else is copying.

9. Norma Jean - Blue Prints for Future Homes: christian metalcore/post-hardcore. Razor and Tie Records. another band that has been in the game for awhile.

10. Story of the Year - March of the Dead: rock/ post-hardcore. Epitaph Records. i just threw this track on here, i like SOTY but they're not really metal.

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Alan said...

All of these bands are pretty much the best. Love em all. Except for Story of the Year. Too punk for me. :) War of Ages is good, but not high on my list. Here are others...

The Chariot
Destroy the Runner
Once Nothing
Society's Finest
Becoming the Archetype
Between the Buried and Me
Every Time i Die

But you picked most of the right bands who are on top right now. Nice work.