Friday, July 23, 2010

Gwen Stacy band no longer a "Christian band"

Gwen Stacy has apparently dropped their label of “Christian Band” after manys years on Solid State Records and tours including the Scream The Prayer Tour with stops at Cornerstone and Sonshine. The band is currently touring on the No Bummer Summer Tour with Lower Definition and all the members are very accessible through twitter and formspring. They are also featuring a new lineup replacing their longtime drummer TJ Sego and added a second guitarist.

Geoff Jenkins: “we aren’t a christian band anymore. People can never focus on anything but the label” -twitter

Geoff Jenkins (lead vocals) Formspring Twitter

Brent Schindler: “I am still a Christian. GS not being a Christian band has nothing to so with my personal faith.” -twitter

Brent (bass, clean vox): Twitter

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