Tuesday, April 8, 2008


MY poor first generation 4gb ipod Nano was run over today

If you know me at all, you know that my stuff goes through hell when its in my possession, from my cell-phone, to my vehicles, to my instruments, to my ipod apparently. i have a tendency to drop things, scratch, bend, dent, and just plain break stuff.

as for my Nano, this thing has lasted me like 3-4 years, it has a huge dent in the back, its been played for an average of 8-9 hours a day, in fact, i just cracked it open and replaced the battery 2 weeks ago. i take it everywhere i go, in the car, all day at work, on the plane, snowboarding, showering....

anyway, today i noticed i didn't have it when i got to my desk, so i figured it was in my car. well, at lunchtime i went out to my car and there was BMerPod, laying facedown on the pavement, tire treads on the rubber-case and everything.

after a few tears, i plugged it back in, the screen is worthless, but i managed to recall from memory where the Shuffle All Songs option was and wouldn't you know, it still plays.

now i have to convince my lovely Kansas rooting wife to allow me to get a new one off craigslist or something.

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Scott Lenger said...

What a shame :(

Make sure you pull the hard drive out before you toss the old one - you should be able to use it with other devices