Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Destroy the Runner - I, Lucifer review

so little known metal/post-hardcore/christian act Destroy the Runner just released their second album, I Lucifer, on Solid State Records. For those of you who actually listened to DTR's first album, Saints, this will be quite a different feel.

I was first drawn to Destroy the Runner after hearing My Darkness off of Saints. and very fast, heavy song with lots of screaming and an incredible break-down that most bands would love to write. The rest of that album however seemed boring and repetitive and i wouldn't really latch on too any more songs as much as i tried. I recommended the band to my friends only to hear responses like "i already listen to As I Lay Dying". so this new album holds so much potential

and its quite a change. first i learned that Destroy the Runner is managed by As I Lay Dying
vocalist Tim Lambesis, which might or might not be why there is a common sound between the bands. The second thing i learned is that DTR changed singers between records, bringing in Chad Ackerman, who apparently had done work with early As I Lay Dying. the first thing you'll notice on this new record is the lack of screaming vocals and more singing, so be prepared.

Changing vocalist is always a risky thing, especially for core fans. i remember when Dropkick Murphys announced they were changing singers after their amazing first record, Do or Die, and i was pissed. it took me about 4-5 years to get back into them. and its turned out good for the Murphys, as well as their original singer Mike McColgan who's now the front man for Streetdogs.

Another example would be Haste the Day. I wasn't really into these guys until after the vocalist change, and i think it will be better for them. But the common issue with all these changes is that the band is quite different sounding after the change. its almost like they should change their name to something new, because its such a new sound.

And this record really supports that notion. i like the new sound, but its definitely not like the old sound. if i'm looking to rock-out, i won't turn to this album. If i'm looking for something to listen to in the background, well then this will fit the bill.

Once again DTR fails to write a completely interesting album, start to finish, and once again, the first track seems to be the best track. I love the fact that the songs really change up the feel, they aren't just blasting straight-ahead with full speed, they have numerous didn't drum beats and feels. the lyrics are great, very artistic and powerful:

Take these hands and turn them into weapons.
Change these plans and make them into your's.

Take this man and turn his sight from demons.

All I am is wanting you more.

For fans of underOATH or Dead Poetic, this album is definitely worth checking out. It is original in its sound and the singing is very good, and not off-putting like heavier bands (Life in Your Way, Means)

I really recommend this album, its a fun listen and definitely powerful without harsh screaming vocals of
DTR's past.

Also, these guys will be in town(Denver) on May 7
th and May 26th. check the show module on the right for more information! i'll be there, will you?


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Marc said...


I see that you like Destroy The Runner.

We will be interviewing Chad from Destroy The Runner. Are there any questions you want to ask him???

Drop me an email


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