Thursday, October 16, 2008

Break Up: Here I Come Falling

Christian metalcore/hardcore group Here I Come Falling have called it quits. These guys were only a band from 2006-2008, putting out one pretty good record called Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory.

"We have been having lineup changes and other troubles since about 4 months ago. We were left in a position by some members that we just couldn't tough our way out of. We have no other choice, and we feel like it is the right thing at this time to end our band."

They are apparently having a "huge" closeout merch sale in the next coming weeks so get on that while you still can, and check out their best track "A Ghost Town for a Graveyard" if you get the chance.

A Ghost Town for a Graveyard - here i come falling

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Alan said...

Daaang. That sucks, I thought this was going to be a great band for a long time. I was really digging their stuff. All well, I guess I will have to suffer through with the rest of my existence.