Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Follow up by Bebo on new song "Britney"

Bebo Norman recently did an interview with focusing on his new single "Britney".

I've already blogged about this song, asking for opinions on the song, and the fact that its Bebo's new single and its kind of a change of pace for him. This interview really explains where he was coming from when he wrote the song, and how he almost didn't record it. I think this is a great song in that it really encourages conversation, and it contains some very powerful truth!

"It was a song I was proud to write and honestly, I didn’t know what to do with this song. It was a song that honestly I didn’t play for anyone for 3 months, because who writes a song about Britney Spears?" -Bebo

Please check out the interview, and the song, and the new album!

Britney - Bebo Norman


Rachel L. said...

Great song. Thought provoking. I love it. Her latest song Piece of Me is interesting too. You should check it out. She is talking to everyone who put her down. Innntterrresssttiiinnnggg....

Tom said...

I liked the song, Brittany's piece of me song seems like she is going right back in it. She should befriend Bebo.

aaron said...

I think this song is profound. We're so quick to point the finger at these folks for making bad decisions/acting crazy/etc. . .and rightly so. But, the fact is, we're all paying to see it and watch the train wreck. The tabloid industry would go under if folks weren't buying it. I think Britney needs a Savior, and we need Him too. At some point, she's feeding the monster that we're creating, and who knows, maybe if folks would let her be. . . she'd get her life together.

She's obviously grown up in the spotlight, and has been used and abused by the industry.