Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guest Review: Death By Stereo by IsaacC

Thursday, December 11th

Brian and I went to see this titan of Punk/Metal/Hardcore. Fresh off recording their latest album Death is my only Friend, this 4 piece band played to a small crowd at the Marquis Theater. I was pretty surprised that there weren't more people there. But the last time Bmer and I saw them at the Bluebird Theater about 3 years ago, the crowd was pretty small too. It actually seemed like some people left after Crooked Ways, a local hardcore favorite, finished their set second in the lineup. Brian and I agree, we don't like Crooked Ways. They lack any sort of standout sound. Its kinda like listening to a mashup of Shutdown, Minor Threat and maybe First Blood? They have a heavy sound, reasonably solid vocals and good stage presence. But when you throw it together, the sum is less than the parts. Hard to explain. I hope they don't read this and kick Bmer's ass at the next show.

After the openers played their stuff, Death By Stereo took the stage after a rousing introduction by Maris The Great. They opened with some of their older stuff off of If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die, to kick off the night. There are so many things I like about this band, starting with the fact that they were on stage ripping within about 10 minutes of the previous band finishing. No messing around with long mic checks, perfect monitor placement, big egos or any of that. There were maybe 75 people in the club, and only half of those up front, and lead singer Efrem Shulz makes sure that he makes everyone part of the show. I think I saw him kiss a couple of the chicks, and maybe one of the guys too. Anyone who wants it gets the mic in their face or a bro-hug in the middle of the song. A couple of times he made the rounds in the pit as far as his mic cord would allow.

This band goes nuts on stage but they manage to keep their sound really tight, including awesome crowd pleasing guitar solos. Lead guitar player Dan Palmer brings with him an incredible metal background and an awesome talent for solos. He puts the guitar right in your face and rocks like an 80's hair band. Jeff Clark on Bass is solid and gets into the act with the fans like a pro. By the end of the show, I think the guy had consumed his weight in beer and he was sort of bobbing and weaving at his post. Drummer Chris Daley was…..well he is the drummer, there's not much to say except he drummed well…..

They played quite a bit of older stuff, as they have been without a new album for the last 3 years. They did play a couple of new songs, including the title track from their forthcoming album. Wasted Words was the last song of the night, and I had no voice after that song due to screaming my freakin guts out. It was a rad show, and at $10, a bargain as well. I hope they don't make us wait another 3 years before they come back. Maybe Bmer can add a setlist to this post, as I have already forgotten what they played

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