Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best of 2008

I did this last year, and it was a pretty fun little project, going back through the albums of the year and reviewing/rating them. This year was tough since there were quite a few new albums, and no one album really blew the rest away. I'd love to get some feedback on what others thought were some of the top albums

Best Albums - Top 10

1. Anberlin - New Surrender: The first 6 tracks on this album are amazing, I still don't understand re-recording Feel Good Drag but it's a pretty good song. Anberlin continues to impress and each album gets better and better!

2. Haste the Day - Dreamer: Haste the Day are quickly becoming my favorite band. The songs on this album keep getting better everytime i listen to them. Songs i really like are Sons of a Fallen Nation, 68, and Madmen.

3. Gabe Dixon - Gabe Dixon: Gabe Dixon finally gets to release an album 4 years after signing to a major. Kassie and I have listened to this album so many times since it was released and it never gets old. Songs: Till Youre Gone, Far From Home, and Ever After You.

4. Destroy the Runner - I, Lucifer: Another band who changed lead singers, this is much different than their first release, Saints, and i like the change.

5. Our Last Night - The Ghosts Among Us: I wasn't sure about this album at first, but throughout the year i realized that i was grabbing more and more tracks from it. These guys signed to Epitaph to release this album, and the lead singer is only like 15. It's a pretty nice blend of punk/metalcore.

6. Dave Barnes - Me + You + World: Dave Barnes has a nice blend of simple songs, with a little dance beat thrown in. The opener is undeniable, and the re-recordings of Until You and On A Night Like This are not needed, but don't take away from the album either.

7. Killing the Dream - Fractures: I've been waiting for KTD to release a follow-up to In Place, Apart, and we finally got it. This album is brutal, unrelenting, and very honest.

8. Pennywise - Reason to Believe: I'm very surprised by Pennywise, just when everyone had given up on them, including their label Epitaph, they release their best album since Full Circle. Another plus? They released this on Myspace Records and allowed fans to download it for free for the first 2 weeks!

9. Leeland - Opposite Way: I wish more people would get into Leeland, everything they do is solid, with great lyrics and a solid rock/worship sound.

10. theAudition - Champion: This album is another album that i don't think many people will like, but i love it. these guys are like a cool version of Fall Out Boy, especially without the drama. This album is great all the way through, ever song is fun to sing.

11. Third Day - Revelation: yet another solid from a band that just doesn't stop

12. She & Him - Volume 1: my "indie" favorite of the year. i liked this album as soon as i heard it, but i knew that others wouldn't. Its a fun listen with a feel/sound from 50's pop.

13. Chris Tomlin - Hello Love: good release from Tomlin, i don't know what else to say

14. Charlie Hall - The Bright Saddness: If you're looking to listen to something new after years of Third Day/Crowder and other big worship bands, you've probably already been singing Charlie Hall songs in church. This album is fresh, and a little bit unorthodoxed in its sound.

Best of 2008

Other Notable Albums:
Millencolin - Machine 15
War of Ages - Arise & Conquer
A Skylit Drive - Wires and the Concept of Breathing
Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman
Coldplay - Viva la Vida
Family Force 5 - Dance or Die
Have Hearth - Songs to Scream at the Moon
Jay Nash - The Things You Think You Need
Lincoln Brewster - Today is the Day
Means - To Keep Me From Sinking
Rise Against - Appeal to Reason
This Is Hell - Misfortunes
Marc Broussard - Keep Coming Back
Trace Bundy - Missile Bell

Verse - Aggression
underOATH - Lost in the Sound of Seperation

Best Shows - Top 3

1. Killing the Dream @ the Underground
2. Comeback Kid/Crime in Stereo @ Marquis Theater
3. Gabe Dixon/Jay Nash @ Bluebird