Friday, April 17, 2009

Paste Magazine - pay what you want

I love this magazine, i've found a ton of new great music, as well as other stuff like great books and movies. Not only is feel of a more "non-mainstream" style, they send a sampler cd of music, 20-30 songs, of new and buzzworthy artists. you can't go wrong with that, and best of all - you can name your own subscription price. I paid $5 for a year's worth, but you can go as low as $1 (regular subscriptions are like $20 for a year).

please do this, even if you don't like or know the bands in the magazine, you can't go wrong at that price. i'd never heard of most of the bands when i did this 2 years ago (thanks Scott) but now i listen to quite a few of them on a regular basis like Iron & Wine, She & Him, Rooney, Bon Iver, and much more

do it now.

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