Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Show Recap: As I Lay Dying @ the Fillmore

Tahoe and I took in the As I Lay Dying show at the Fillmore in Denver this past Tuesday. The tour was billed as the No Fear Energy Tour with Lamb of God headlining and AILD playing in support. Unfortunately AILD was the only band on the bill that we wanted to see, so we showed up about 2 hours after the doors opened, missing God Forbid and Municipal Waste. Children of Bodom was about halfway through their set with AILD on next. it was good timing!

We've seen As I Lay Dying a few times before, and they're always great in concert. they're very tight and very energetic, with a lot of hair flying everywhere. Tim Lembesis is a great frontman, and with the portable stages they take on tour he really gets around the stage. Unfortunately the band hasn't really changed up their setlist over the years despite releasing 3 major records. They played all the basics, Through Struggle, Within Destruction, Meaning in Tradegy, An Ocean Between Us, Confined, 94 Hours, Separation, Forever and the Sound of Truth.

It was a great time, Tim had the crowd in a frenzy and participating in the largest circle-it i've seen in quite awhile. The pits at metal shows are much more violent than i like, plus i'm getting old, so Tahoe and I just stood back and played it safe. The crowd was typical metalheads/jocks/butt-rockers with their ridiculous hair, offending b.o., smoking weed in the crowd, and removing their shirts as if i want to stand next to a topless smelly dude for 40 minutes.

This was probably the best show i've seen at the Fillmore. Usually the sound isn't great, or loud enough, for bands like underOATH or AFI but this show was plenty loud. We stuck around for 2 songs of Lamb of God but i wasn't super-impressed (and i was in the minority with that). Here are some pics and video of the show:

Here are some video. The first one is the best, the Intro and Separation plus a few glimpses of the big circle pit. The 2nd video is of 94 Hours:

The funniest part of the night was Children of Bodom (according to my research/google Bodom is a lake in Finland that is famous due to some murders). They were typical metal but with a keyboard. The keyboardist basically an organ sound, creepy sounding like a horror movie, but pretty lame if you ask me. i took some video to share with everyone:

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