Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show Recap: Anberlin @ Boulder Theater

I got to see Anberlin for the fourth time since i've been in Colorado. Anberlin is easily one of the best live bands out there, they always come with a ton of energy, they play a great set, and they're music is energetic and catchy. I stumbled onto Anberlin sort of by accident a few years ago, when they toured with Story of the Year. I had never heard of them, but i really enjoyed their set so i went home and looked them up. i've been a fan ever since!

Last night was one of the better Anberlin shows i've seen. Unfortunately they weren't headlining (Taking Back Sunday was the headliner) so they didn't play more than 35 minutes, and i went by myself which is pretty common out here in Denver for me, apparently people don't like live music as much as i do? Anyway, i got inside just as Envy On The Coast was playing, i've seen them before and they put on a really good live show. I think they're starting to get pretty popular, the crowd was really into them and seemed to know most of the songs. I think EOTC is probably better live than on a cd, i got their album last time i saw them and it was okay, but i'd see them live anytime. the lead guitarist switches between keys and guitar with ease, the lead singer is super energetic with his dreadlocks apparently trying to emulate Zack de la Rocha and doing a pretty good job of it. They don't have a banner on display behind the band like most bands do these days, so instead they wrote their name on some 11 x 8'' paper and hung that, i found it pretty funny.

Next up was Anberlin. After their last album, New Surrender, they've added a laptop dude on stage to add all of the effects and tracks to the show. i like the addition, it made the music much more complete. It's amazing how much energy Anberlin can pack into a 30 minute set. The downside of Anberlin shows is the crowd that follows the band. After years of going to punk shows, Anberlin's crowd base is exactly the type of people who get under my skin, like the 6' jock in front of me that decided to pogo-stick the entire time. and then his buddies decided to try and start a mosh-pit?! Moshing? to Anberlin? hello! so lame.

anyway, they played most of the hits like Readyfuels, Day Late, Whisper & a Clamour, Feel Good Drag, Resistance, Breaking, Dismantle.Repair, Godspeed, and Disappear.

I left before Taking Back Sunday, i'm just not a fan and since i was there by myself i didn't really have a reason to stay. Great Show though, if you get a chance to catch Anberlin you won't be disappointed, no matter what kind of music you're into!

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Jordan said...

Dude, when we move back there, I'll hit up any shows you want.