Thursday, March 4, 2010

Song Ratings (Not Just Show Recaps) / Underoath

So for awhile i've tried to think of something else i could bring to this blog besides Show Recaps. I tried Album Reviews a few times but i really don't bring anything new to the table, plus i fail to dissect an album at the level that actually brings new information to anyone. I have random questions or ideas here and there but not often enough.

So here's my new idea, i'm going to start posting quick Album Ratings for the different albums i listen to. I'm one of the few people who actually use the star-rating system in iTunes, i use it a lot. I listen through an album a few times and then i start applying my rating system to it, so that i can come back and either put the better songs into playlists or mixtapes, and take the bad songs off my ipod. I've used the same system for years so i have plenty of music rated, and i often fill my little shuffle with music from my Top Rated playlist, all good stuff!

Anyway, i'll post the album, maybe a little info, the tracks and my ratings for each track (1-5 stars) then maybe a little recap. i'd love to discuss any album with anyone, or tracks, why or why not they're good or bad. I show an example here of an album that most of my readers have probably listened to, but i'll do albums from all genre's, and i'm no expert, its more of my personal opinion of the music.

I recommend rating your songs too, an easy place to start is with samplers / compilations like the PASTE Magazine sampler. listen through the sampler and give a 4/5-star rating for songs you like, then a 3 for everything else. now you have a few tracks/artists to check out and the rest of the stuff you can take off your ipod (or leave it there for "filler"!).

My system:

*****(5) great song, best on album, awesome
****(4) good song, better than most
***(3) average, filler, not memorable
**(2) intro, skit, interlude
*(1) bad, remove from ipod

so with that, here's how i rated underOATH's Only Chasing Safety:

metal / scremo / Christian

1. Young and Aspiring - *****
2. Boy Brushed Red - ****
3. Impact of Reason - ****
4. reinventing your exit - *****
5. bluenote **
6. Dangerous Business - *****
7. Down Set Go - *****
8. i don't feel receptive - ***
9. i'm content ***
10. some will seek **

This was UnderOATH's fourth album, but their 1st with the current lineup they have now. It was also my first experience with(Christian) metalcore and forever changed the way i listen to metal and hardcore. The album starts off amazing with the first 4 songs, but starts to fade a little after that. overall i love most of this album.

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