Thursday, May 27, 2010

BMer Writing for Indie Vision Music

In case you didn't see my post on twitter/facebook awhile ago, i've joined the Indie Vision Music family as a reviewer / news poster. IVM is a website dedicated to covering "Christian" bands, usually with an alternative sound like punk or hardcore. IVM focuses on smaller bands, either unsigned or signed to smaller labels like Tooth & Nail or Facedown Records.

This is really exciting for me, i contacted Brandon who started and runs and asked him to check out this music blog and within a few days he asked me to join the team. I love everything about music, analyzing and discussing it, and this will give me a bigger audience to do that (hopefully!). They've asked me to do album reviews as well as post any news i hear or new bands to check out. On top of that they would like to start posting reviews of live shows, something i've been doing here for awhile, so hopefully i'll be posting some of my recaps as well.

I'm going to continue this blog because it's basically an online music diary for me, i reference it all the time. Plus IVM tries to cover only "Christian" related music, but i don't solely listen to Christian music, and this blog gives me a place to continue posting about bands that don't fit the IVM standard.

I hope you'll continue to follow me over at IVM, so far i've had good responses on my reviews. I was really excited when the rep for Blood & Ink Records contacted me about doing reviews for two debut EP's coming out this month. He sent me the two EP's (for free of course!) ahead of the release date and i got to check 'em out, then post my reviews. I'm excited to get my foot in the door doing something i'm really passionate about, writing and discussing music, and i hope i can continue to move up in this field (this spot isn't paid...yet!).

I really need to thank the music friends in my life for helping develop my passion for music, from the "Fall Children" growing up in Folsom, to all my friends from CCU who introduced to metal and scremo, to my current group of friends that helped me discover music outside of the hardcore world. i hope you still give me feedback and ideas and comments on my posts!

Here are my three reviews so far on IVM:

All At Risk - s/t
Dependency - Convicted
Thin Ice - Revelation Through Tribulation

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