Thursday, May 13, 2010

Song Rating: Oh Sleeper - Son of the Morning

Oh, Sleeper – Son Of The Morning

metalcore / Christian / rock

Son of the Morning is the second studio album by American metalcore band Oh, Sleeper, was released on August 25, 2009, through Solid State Records -wikipedia

  1. "Son of the Morning" - *****
  2. "The New Breed" - ***
  3. "In All Honesty" - ****
  4. "Breathing Blood" - ***
  5. "Reveries of Flight" - ***
  6. "World Without A Sun" - ****
  7. "The Fire Dawn" - ***
  8. "A Banquet for Traitors" - ***
  9. "Commissioned by Kings" - *****
  10. "The Finisher" - ****

I was very excited for this album from Oh Sleeper, they are one of my favorite bands. I was a little disappointed though, since this is a “concept” album, with the theme of the battle between God and Satan. As one whole piece the album is awesome, but as individual songs most are not memorable besides Son of the Morning, Commissioned By Kings, and The Finisher. The drumming on this album is excellent, some of the best metal drumming I’ve heard.

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