Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Shows of 2009

I went to 12 concerts / events this year, some were really good, and some were a little bit disappointing. I decided to rank the shows based on the individual performance rather than the event as whole, for example instead of saying Sonshine Festival was great, i looked at the individual shows from Sonshine and noted the ones i liked the best.

Anyway here we go, all video was shot by me and my trusty Cannon Powershot.

5. Death By Stereo

This show actually took place late 2008 but i wasn't able to talk about it in my 2008 review. Anyway, this was a great show for a couple of reasons. First, most of the bands i listened to in High School have broken up, yet Death By Stereo is still going strong. Second, the Marquis was pretty empty, so Isaac and I were right up at the stage singing along with the band. Third, DBS was solid and very energetic. After the show we got to talk to Efrem (lead singer) for a little bit. it was just a great experience for DBS fans.

4. The Devil Wears Prada

I just went to this show last week with Tahoe up at the Boulder Theater and i was impressed. We almost didn't go to the show since Haste The Day wasn't making the Boulder date, but we went anyway, and we did not like the other bands playing. TDWP however were amazing, tons of energy and the band was really tight despite the intricate / technical music they write. They played a great set, a little longer than usual since there were only 3 bands, so we got to hear a few songs more than other stops. First time seeing these guys and i will definitely see them next time i get the chance.

3. Phil Wickham

This was a bright spot in an otherwise lousy day. All of the bands i planned to see at Heavenfest didn't happen due to some traffic and poor planning. The only show we saw the whole day was Phil Wickham and he was amazing. Everything about his set was awesome, it was just him and his guitar yet his sound was so powerful and full. He played his "hit" songs and one of his new songs which, even though most of us didn't know it, still went over well. He was a really cool guy when he talked to the crowd. Also, i got to experience this with Kassie and Addie, i think it was Addie's first live music experience and we both just loved it!

2. mewithoutyou

This wasn't even a show i planned on going to until Tahoe called me up with an extra ticket. The Marquis Theatre was totally packed like i'd never seen and i soon knew why. I only knew a few of the songs by mewithoutyou but man, the show was so entertaining. the energy and passion was overwhelming and the crowd was so loud. i remember thinking the whole night that i'd never seen a show quite like this, just the uniqueness of mewithoutyou combined with the energy of the whole place.

1. Oh Sleeper

I've seen these guys a few times now, and each time is pretty good. When they came through Denver on the Scream The Prayer Tour they were having some trouble with stolen equipment (thanks Salt Lake City!) and they had to modify their set. Lucky for me i got to see them a few days later in Minnesota at the Sonshine Festival and it was crazy! Not only were there a ton of hyped-up kids ready to destroy each other, but Oh Sleeper was totally feeding off the energy. They got to play the set they had originally intended to play, with a few songs off their latest record which were unreleased at the time like Son of the Morning, along with some of their most popular songs like Vices Like Vipers. The show was intense including the last song and the Wall Of Death of which Alan and I were in the front lines. I can't wait to see these guys again in 2010!


Unfortunately everything about this Tour was going to be a bummer; it started at like 3 in the afternoon and the band i wanted to see canceled the day before Denver (War Of Ages). There weren't many bands that i like on this tour, except Crime In Stereo and This Is Hell. The headliners weren't my favorite and some of the bands that i do like had played other cities but didn't come to Denver. Isaac and I left this one about halfway through, right after This Is Hell (who were really good).

Honorable Mention of bands that were terrible live for one reason or another. Story of the Year, All That Remains, Runner Runner, Trapped Under Ice, Flatfoot 56, Family Force 5, and The Acacia Stain.

The shows i went to in 2009:
-Miss May I / Attack Attack @ Marquis

-The Devil Wears Prada @ Boulder Theater

-August Burns Red @ Cervantes on August 8th

-Phil Wickham at HeavenFest

-This is Hell / Crime in Stereo on the 10 for $10 Tour @ Gothic Theatre

-Sonshine Festival including Haste the Day, August Burns Read, The Chariot, Norma Jean, Oh Sleeper, Gwen Stacy, David Crowder, Glorious Unseen, The Showdown, and more

-Scream The Prayer Tour featuring Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, The Chariot, Gwen Stacy and more.

-Mewithoutyou @ Marquis Theater

-TheAudition and The Higher @ Fox Theater

-Anberlin @ Boulder Theater

-As I Lay Dying @ Fillmore Theater

-Death By Stereo @ Marquis Theater (late December 2008)

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Good stuff man. Hopefully I'll be moving back to CO mid next year and I can hit up so shows with you